Ruming Zhen: A journey of technologist through the Fourth Industrial Revolution
(Photo : Ruming Zhen: A journey of technologist through the Fourth Industrial Revolution)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in the development of humanity, enabled by extraordinary technological advances, outstanding product innovations and ongoing automation of previously manual tasks. This technology-driven change incorporates tools such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, advanced wireless technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), which fuel automation, self-monitoring and the production of smart machines. These solutions will be vital for analyzing and diagnosing issues without the need for human intervention. Advanced human-machine interfaces will open enormous possibilities for leaders, policy-makers and the entire communities to enhance core business activities, such as big data processing, customer service and product development.

To push the revolution forward, Ruming Zhen has emerged as a renowned name for addressing the product management queries of the IT software world. An expert in turning the most difficult problems into companies' assets, Ruming Zhen is a Stanford University graduate, who earned his master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and Product Design. Having loved technology and software products during his studies, Ruming had no doubts concerning his academic path. He was talented, dedicated and had a lot to offer to the world of IT. 

Viva la Vida Technology

Early in his career, Ruming started his cooperation with Viva la Vida, a global art experiment NGO, where he was the Product Advisor. From the very start, he demonstrated a passion for building intellectual solutions to complex problems. Viva la Vida gave him the perfect opportunity to prove his excellence and leadership. The NGO is dedicated to creating an online community of people who can freely and safely express themselves through the creation of art. Aiming to promote interpersonal and intercultural understanding through art and storytelling, Viva la Vida consociates people from over 50 countries and is recognized by partners including the United Nations, APEC, World Economic Forum and Facebook. Ruming was an indispensable part of building Viva la Vida's identity, as he led teams to launch core software products such as the main social media website that allowed people to share their arts and connect with others of similar visions. Ruming also drove the launch of a humanity database from the tens of thousands of drawings and life stories, and he even led teams to develop a cutting-edge AI algorithm for cross-cultural comparative analysis. 

Tesla's troubles

Later in his career, Ruming joined Tesla, which was a defining move in his career and landed him on the software product management position at one of the world's hottest enterprises. At that time, Tesla, like every other electrical car manufacturer around the world, was challenged by production headaches. The weekly production of the Model 3 vehicles struggled to surpass 1000, while the company's aspiration had been to reach 5000. The production of electrical cars was an unsolved challenge because of the complexity in the electrical and software systems, which were completely unprecedented in the traditional gasoline car. The entire industry was hanging by a thread. 

Ruming's contribution

Thankfully, Ruming Zhen's work contributed to the company's production up-rise. Ruming's experience and understanding of the software systems, combined with his skills and experiences with electrical systems, placed him at the forefront of the challenge. The deadlines were impending and the pressure of high expectations grew each day. Ruming took control over the multi-functional units and conceptualized his solution from scratch: Tesla's first platform for system integration production validation. That platform became a core mechanism for quality, and guaranteed that design and engineering flaws were not carried forward into production. Thanks to the contribution of the platform, Tesla was able to get back on its feet and achieve its production goals. It was again a powerful force on the market and the EV giant's worst nightmare of falling behind the competition was dissolved. From then on, it was a mandatory process for the software and hardware changes in Tesla's vehicles to go through the platform for clearance, contributing directly to over $20 billion of vehicle business revenue.

Current stop: Intuit and restoration of small businesses

Nowadays, Ruming is working for Intuit and his new position has refined his outstanding product management skills even further, while also bringing him closer to the multidimensional world of technological innovation. Intuit, an American company specializing in financial software, encouraged Ruming to display leadership and to prove his extraordinary ability through several highly critical projects. When the company faced the hardships of COVID-19 and started losing clients, due to challenges faced by small businesses across the US, it was Ruming Zhen who stepped in and introduced a few key software functionalities to the Quickbooks Online Payroll product. The software tool was aimed to leverage new acts and policies, made on both the federal and state level, to help Intuit's customers gain the upper hand in financial situations, applying for funds and retaining employees. 15 millions small businesses in the US, tormented by the pandemic and facing the shadow of bankruptcy, could now get back on track. 

Having worked with and developed numerous industry giants, Ruming Zhen has cultivated the ability to foresee the positive potential of diverse strategies for product development. Like no other expert, he is agile in moving through the Fourth Industrial Revolution and converting its innovative fruits into practical solutions that will help people and businesses to thrive. We are holding our breath to see what he does next!

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