Elon Musk revealed SpaceX's final decision about the Super Heavy Booster Raptor engine count which would be at 33, as what was initially planned by the company. Moreover, all the Raptor engines would have the same power at 230 sea-level thrust or half-a-million pounds in total, with only a few tweaks on the gimbal engine and thrust actuators.

The Super Heavy Booster is on the stage where it finalizes its build, especially as the company is near to completing the rocket launcher in time for its July Full-Stack plans with the Starship.

Elon Musk: Final Count for SpaceX Super Heavy Raptor Engines

According to the recent tweet of the SpaceX CEO (@elonmusk), SpaceX's Super Heavy Raptor will have 33 engines for the operational spacecraft, as the company initially approved this week.

The final count of the Super Heavy Booster will contribute to as much as 230 sea-level thrust, which is equivalent to as much as half a million (500,000) pounds of thrust in total.

Musk revealed this information after initially tweeting about an image of Raptor engines that are standing side-by-side, with the CEO captioning it as the "Fellowship of the Raptors," a reference to "The Lord of the Rings." The CEO has been active in tweeting or talking about the SpaceX Super Heavy and its elements in social media, which may mean that its full-stack flight is coming soon.

SpaceX Raptor Engines for Super Heavy
(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter)

However, the world is nearing the middle of July, but there are no announcements or confirmations of the launch test for this month, as initially promised by Elon Musk.

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SpaceX Full-Stack Flight

SpaceX and Musk have highlighted the Full-Stack flight on their platforms as important testing that the company should ace, especially as it is a massive step towards the company's future goals. And what are SpaceX's goals? One of it is ultimately having its crewed flight to Mars, which Musk initially said would take place in two weeks (which is a week from now).

This means that the company should have a successful full-stack flight for its launch test this month, so that it may bring its rumored crew to the Red Planet during this time. It was not revealed who the astronauts would be, or whether it would be coming from NASA.

However, the biggest takeaway here is that SpaceX is near ramping up the space industry yet again, especially with its spacecraft that has Mars in its crosshairs.

Is the Starship SN15 Ready?

SpaceX SN10 Starship
(Photo : SpaceX via YouTube Screenshot)
SpaceX's Starship and Super Heavy is going to have additional engines which would make its total to about 42, for power and performance needs.

One cannot talk about the Full-Stack flight without having to mention SpaceX's Starship SN15, which is the spacecraft that would go above Super Heavy Booster on its test launch and mission. Questions usually rise when a test launch takes place, and that is the readiness of the spacecraft to be used, and it includes the Starship.

Nothing was revealed about the Starship and its readiness for its full-stack flight. It seems that SpaceX would use the same one from its successful test flight, as the company is known for reusing its technology. However, nothing is confirmed regarding this, and are mere speculations.

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