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Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX and one of Sir Richard Branson's friends, has bought a ticket for one of its future space flights. Branson says he might reciprocate by buying a ticket of his own as well for SpaceX voyage. 

As Sir Richard Branson prepares to fly on the very first of Virgin Galactic's many space voyages through space, Elon Musk just paid a $10,000 deposit to reserve a seat.

However, there is still no word as to when Musk would be flying with them

Confirmed by Sir Richard

An interview from the Evening Standard said that Sir Richard confirmed Musk's purchase of the ticket to fly with Virgin Galactic. Sir Richard said, "Elon's a friend and maybe I'll travel on one of his ships one day," to reciprocate.

Despite the billionaire's space race, SpaceX has already launched numerous flights and rockets since the start of the company.

However, Musk has never flown yet in any of the said flights. But that may change soon since the company is already starting its development into a private spaceflight this autumn.

Space tourists who would like to get a chance to fly in Virgin Galactic would cost them $250,000. The flight will also include four minutes of zero gravity that only astronauts had the chance to experience before the space flights were now made available to the public.

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Virgin Galactic Goes to Space

Branson is set to begin his flight along with his crew for the first time on July 11, if the weather is optimal for it, that is.

If they do get the go for launch signal, Branson will effectively have the advantage over Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin in their space race. 

Bezos's Blue Origin launch date for their own spaceship would be on July 20, tentatively.

The site where Branson plans to launch his Virgin Galactic mission to space would be located in Sierra County, Mexico. You can also view the event live on their official YouTube channel or other social media sites as reported by us here on Tech Times

Interesting Details to Note

Virgin Galactic's method to bring Branson to space would be using two of its spacecraft to effectively launch him and his crew to space, as reported by NBC News. The VMS Eve will be in charge of carrying the VSS Unity until high enough for the VSS Unity to be able to orbit just outside of Earth. 

The voyage will travel past the Kármán line, believed to be 62 miles up or almost 100 kilometers above sea level. 

Virgin Galactic's goal is to be the "vanguard of a new industry determined to pioneer twenty-first century spacecraft, which will open space to everybody -- and change the world for good," as mentioned by Branson on their official website.

The flight will be above 300,000 feet above Earth, and within the cabin, you will be able to unbuckle your seat and experience all that you need to experience in space.

There are 17 windows to peer into the void and Earth. There are also 16 cameras in place within the cabin to record every moment of your travel to bring home as souvenirs. 

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