How to Survive the First 24 Hours With a new Golden Doodle Puppy
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I remember the first day I left home for college. Although I was 18, I missed two things.

1) My old environment (home)


2) My family

Like humans, separation from loved ones and familiar environments hit dogs really hard, too. And in the case of highly emotional ones like golden doodle, separation might hit even harder.

My point being?

Your new golden doodle friend might take a while to get used to your home. And the first 24 hours might be more demanding than you initially anticipated. But you need not be discouraged.

Here are the things you can do to familiarize your new furry friend with your home.

Take a day off work

Having a new puppy is almost like having a newborn baby - can you be away from your newborn on his first day?

Absolutely not.

In a similar vein, your new golden doodle puppy demands that you dedicate a few days to him. If not a few days, then at least the first day. Doing this will help you guys get acclimated and start the bond-building process.

Keep him close to you

From the moment you walk out of the breeder home, snuggle with your pup.

Even if he's feeling withdrawn because he doesn't know you, draw him close and keep him there. Most experts advise bringing treats along so you can have something to entice him with on your way home.

Use calming music

As you might expect, a new puppy coming to live with a total stranger might feel stressed, scared, and uncomfortable. As a result, he might not be too happy about the new arrangement.

But music can help change his mood. According to PetMd, playing soft and calm music can help provide comfort for stressed and anxious dogs. In that case, it makes sense to keep your headphones close by.

Make potty training a priority

Another big challenge of first days is the issue of pooping. Since your pup is new in the house, he may be confused as to where to poop and where not to. You can help him out by starting his potty training immediately.

The moment you walk into the house, take him to his designated potty area and let him poop there. If he does, reward him with a treat and shower him with praise. An hour later, return to the same spot and repeat. Do this a number of times throughout the day.

But you hate the idea of dog training, don't you?

Well, lucky you, one of the perks of small dogs over bigger dogs is that they aren't difficult to train.

After repeating it a few times, you'll start noticing your golden doodle heading to the potty area all by himself. He now knows what the spot is for and no longer needs help or support. This is the beauty of golden doodles. They're so obedient and easy to train that you don't even need any special dog training guide to get started.

Allow for exploration (but don't keep your eyes off them)

Dogs, especially energetic ones like golden doodles, aren't just going to sit in one place. They will like to move around the house, explore the place, and chew on a few things.

Don't stop them. Instead, encourage them even further. And when you find them scratching on the floor or chewing on furniture, redirect their focus with a treat.

Get down and get playful

You can keep a serious face and mood with everybody but not with your new furry friend. Unless you want him to be tensed and uncomfortable, you need to recreate the sort of environment he had at the breeder's home.

Remember, he was a part of a pack back there, and he had fun with his peers and mother. Since you've taken all that away from him, you have to replace with something a little close.

So, get down on all fours and hop around like a furry, laugh out loud even when nothing is funny, run up and down the stairs and let him chase you. In short, do everything possible to keep your pup entertained and at home. That way, he won't miss his old family and environment too much.

Start calling him by his name

Your pup will probably have a name from the breeder's home, or you will have to choose one for him. Whatever the case, it's always a good idea to call him by this name from day one.

Although golden doodles are a smart breed, you still need to say this name repeatedly for him to understand it's his name. You can say it while he's looking right at you or while he's looking away; while he's napping; while he's playing; with a low tone or with an excited tone.

If you're not getting a good result, try these steps:

  • Take him to a special corner in the house
  • Look him right in the eyes and say the name with an excited tone
  • Reward with a treat and sing his praise

Alternatively, you can try this method

  • Keep his leash on and take him somewhere in the compound
  • Wait a minute to watch him look away
  • Once he's looking away, call his name.
  • Say it in a positive tone.
  • If he doesn't respond, pull the leash lightly to have his attention
  • Repeat

What if he won't stop crying at night?

All we've said so far is about the day experience. At night, the story changes. Your pup may have trouble sleeping, or worse, he may even start crying. And who can blame him? He's lonely and alone.

To help him, you can do any of the following.

Tire him out close to bedtime

When a pup is worn out from playing, he won't even have the energy to cry, let alone stay awake.

Bring him into the room

One of the main reasons pups cry at night is because they feel alone. When you allow them to come sleep with you in your bedroom, it minimizes the loneliness.

Note: He doesn't have to sleep in your bed; you can bring in a soft dog bed or a crate.

Use calming music

Like we said before, music can help calm his nerves.

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