Paleolithic Cold Case Solved? Ancient Skull Reveals 33,000-Year-Old Murder

Did the researchers of a new study solve the oldest known cold case? A new analysis using modern forensic techniques revealed the violent death of a paleolithic man 33,000 years ago.


Neanderthal, Mystery Human DNA Found In The ‘Dark Heart’ Of Our Chromosomes

Scientists dive into the deep, dark heart of the human chromosome to see what's within. Their discovery included chunks of DNA from Neanderthals and a mystery human ancestor.

Ancient June 21, 2019

'Hoard Of The Rings' Found In Bronze Age Dig Is Actually A Type Of Ancient Cereal

Researchers found grain-based rings from a Late Bronze Age excavation site in Austria. The ancient cereals, however, were not meant to be eaten but used for a still-unknown ritualistic purpose.

Ancient June 6, 2019

Ancient DNA Sheds Light On Unknown Siberians, Reveals 'Missing Link' Of Native American Ancestry

Baby teeth from 31,000 years ago unveil a new group of ancient Siberians who thrived in the region's harsh conditions in the last Ice Age. Another set of bones also reveals the mysterious origins of Native Americans.

Ancient June 5, 2019

Sparkling Opals Turn Out To Be The Bones Of A New Dinosaur Species

Hundreds of opal-encrusted bones have been found in the Australian town of Lightning Ridge. These bones belong to a newly discovered dinosaur species Fostoria dhimbangunmal from 100 million years ago.

Ancient June 5, 2019

New Dig Site Proves Stone Tools Were Invented Earlier Than Previous Estimate Of 2.58 Million Years Ago

A team of researchers unearthed a collection of stone tools that represent the oldest Oldowan technology ever found. The over 300 pieces of artifacts were extracted from an excavation site in Ethiopia.

Ancient June 4, 2019

Scientists Figure Out Why Giant Human-Sized Beavers Became Extinct

About 10,000 years ago, giant beavers that roamed across North America went extinct. In a new study, a team of researchers found that the mega-rodents died out because of climate change.

Ancient June 3, 2019

Extinction Of Neanderthals Likely Caused By Slight Drop In Fertility Rates

Researchers explored several factors that may have driven the Neanderthals to extinction. Computer models suggest the extinct human relative disappeared due to a slight drop in the fertility rates of young Neanderthal women.

Ancient May 30, 2019

LOOK: School Of Fish Captured In Fossil

An incredible fossil of a school of fish shows early schooling behavior in the creatures. All 259 fossilized fish are facing in the same direction.

Ancient May 30, 2019

Submerged Forest Linked To Mythical Sunken Kingdom Appears From Underwater After Storm Hannah

Storm Hannah, which struck Wales last month, and a lower-than-usual tide uncovered a Bronze Age forest buried under water and sand. The submerged forest is linked to the mythical kingdom Cantre'r Gwaelod.

Ancient May 27, 2019

Wreck Of Last Slave Ship From Africa Found Off Alabama Coast

A shipwreck found near Mobile, Alabama has turned out to be that of the wooden schooner Clotilda. The ship was the last known vessel to have transported slaves from West Africa to the United States.

Ancient May 23, 2019

1-Billion-Year-Old Fungus Found In Canadian Arctic Is Earth's Oldest

Fungi can be extremely old, but scientists didn't imagine they're 1 billion years old. The discovery, which puts fungi about twice as old as previously believed, has massive implications about the evolution of life on Earth.

Ancient May 23, 2019

Researchers Find Red Pigment In Ancient Fossil For The First Time

Using X-rays, researchers found that a now-extinct mouse that lived 3 million years ago had red fur and a white belly. The color of the animal could reveal clues about its evolutionary history.

Ancient May 22, 2019

Bristol Academic Gerard Cheshire Claims To Have Solved Mystery Of 15th Century Voynich Manuscript

The book "nobody can read" gets a new explanation from a Bristol academic who said it's not a code but an extinct language. However, critics remain skeptical about the linguist's claims.

Ancient May 18, 2019

Ancient Teeth Show Neanderthals Split From Modern Humans 800,000 Years Ago

Neanderthals are already distant relations of modern humans, but new evidence indicates they're even more distant than previously believed. Dental analysis places the ancient hominin's divergence from our lineage not later than 800,000 years ago.

Ancient May 16, 2019

Oldest Scandinavian Human DNA Found In 10,000-Year-Old Chewing Gum

Ten thousand years ago, the first humans on Scandinavia chewed on primitive gum and spat them out. Now, scientists have found a way to extract the DNA from these masticated lumps to find out more about these ancient Scandinavians.

Ancient May 15, 2019

Researchers Find Odd Mix And Ancient Creatures Trapped In Amber

Paleontologists found a chunk of amber that contains a curious assemblage of land and water creatures, including the shell of an ammonite. The researchers believe that the fossils are from around 100 million years ago.

Ancient May 14, 2019

Ancient Grave Was Burial Site Of Brutally Massacred Bronze Age Family

An international team of archeologists identified the 15 Bronze Age skeletons unearthed in Southern Poland in 2011. The remains belonged to a family in the Globular Amphora culture, who were likely killed due to a conflict with other groups.

Ancient May 10, 2019

Tiny, Oddball Dinosaur With Bat-Like Wings Discovered In China

Scientists unearthed a pristine fossil of a tiny dinosaur that took to the skies. Amazingly, the wings of these ancient creatures are unique and strangely bat-like.

Ancient May 9, 2019

A Thousand-Year-Old Shaman Bag Found To Contain Several Types Of Psychotropic Plants

An international team of scientists found a pouch that has traces of hallucinogenic drugs, including cocaine. They believe that the pouch belonged to a native American shaman who performed rituals during a human burial 1,000 years ago.

Ancient May 7, 2019

Winged Dinosaurs Learned To Fly As A Side Effect Of Running

Scientists believe the Caudipteryx may hold the secret to explaining how animals first learned how to fly. The running gait of this early dinosaur caused its wings to involuntarily flap, which may have been a precursor to flight.

Ancient May 5, 2019

Denisovan Jawbone Fossil Found In Tibet Cave Offers Clues What The Ancient Human Species Looked Like

The fossil of a Denisovan jawbone found in a Tibetan cave may offer scientists clues as to what the mysterious ancient human species looked like. There is only one caveat: there were no preserved DNA in the jawbone.

Ancient May 2, 2019

Oldest Human Footprint In The Americas Discovered In Chile

Scientists have uncovered the oldest footprint ever found of a human in the Americas. The footprint, dated to more than 15,000 years ago, confirms Chile as an important hotspot for early humans.

Ancient April 29, 2019

400-Year-Old Pilgrims Bible Stolen From The US Returns Home

A stolen Geneva Bible, dating back to 1615, was recovered in the Netherlands and returned to Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library. Authorities are still recovering hundreds of books stolen by the library's former archivist and accomplice.

Ancient April 28, 2019

Wreck Of Australian Ship SS Iron Crown Found 77 Years After It Was Sunk By Japanese Submarine During World War II

Almost 80 years after its tragic end, the wreckage of an Australian ship sunk by a Japanese submarine in World War II has now been found by a team of scientists. Here is the story of how it was discovered.

Ancient April 26, 2019

Archaeologists Find Egyptian Tomb With More Than 30 Mummies

Dozens of mummies were unearthed from a rock-cut tomb in Egypt's Aga Khan Mausoleum area. Inside are countless of treasures including painted vases, coffin fragments, and even a statuette of Ba-bird.

Ancient April 24, 2019

Dart Game May Have Caused Massacre 350 Years Ago

Researchers unearthed the remains of 28 people and about 60,000 perfectly preserved artifacts from the ancient town of Agaligmiut in Alaska. The recent discovery proved a bloody part of legends passed on over centuries.

Ancient April 23, 2019

Steady Supply Of Beer Kept Ancient Wari Empire Intact For 500 Years

Before the Incas of Peru, there were the Waris. This ancient civilization that lasted for five centuries was kept stable by festivities, and a local beer-like drink called chicha de molle.

Ancient April 21, 2019

Ancient Coelacanth Fish Study Reveals Insights On Skull Evolution

A new study has revealed marvelous insights on the skull of the ancient coelacanth fish, which is known as the 'oldest living fossil.' The findings offer a deeper understanding on skull evolution of vertebrates and other animals.

Ancient April 19, 2019

Ancient DNA Reveals Crusaders Married Local Women And Had Families In Newly Christianized Lands

Bones found in mass burial pit in Lebanon offer glimpse of the lives of the Crusader soldiers. DNA analysis suggests some married local women and had families with them.

Ancient April 18, 2019

Ebay Sale Of Baby T. Rex Fossil Draws Backlash From Paleontologists

A professional fossil hunter placed a baby Tyrannosaurus rex fossil on auction on eBay. The action disappointed paleontologists who believe the specimen should have been analyzed first before being put on exhibit.

Ancient April 18, 2019

10,000-Year-Old Urine Reveals How Humans Switched From Hunters To Herders

Researchers analyzed urine salt taken from Aşıklı Höyük in Turkey. Increase in the abundance of these salts show when humans switched from primarily hunting and gathering to herding animals.

Ancient April 18, 2019

Bones Of Ancient Human Sacrifice Victims Found By Workers Laying Water Pipes

British researchers have uncovered 3,000-year-old human skeletons at a dig site in Oxfordshire. The remains are believed to be from people who became human sacrifices.

Ancient April 17, 2019

Human Face Evolved Because Of Diet, Social Structure

Scientists found that changes to diet and social structure over time influenced how the human face evolved. The past contributed a lot to how humans look like in modern times.

Ancient April 16, 2019

Discovery Of Homo Luzonensis In Philippine Cave Suggests Many Human Species Lived Side By Side In The Past

Early humans lived in a world much different from modern Earth. With the new human species discovered in the Philippines, scientists are more convinced than ever that the human evolutionary tree is much messier than previously believed.

Ancient April 15, 2019

DNA Shows The Denisovans Have At Least 3 Distinct Branches

A new study shows that ancient humans' evolutionary history is complex than previously believed. Scientists discover that there are multiple groups of Denisovans that existed separately from each other.

Ancient April 12, 2019

Stargazing During The Age Of T-Rex And Other Dinosaurs? This Is How It Would Have Looked Like

Chicago's Field Musuem has teamed up with the Adler Planetarium to create video projections of the Cretaceous starfield. Visitors can now have an idea of what the prehistoric sky might have looked like millions of years ago.

Ancient April 11, 2019

Cherokee Cave Markings In Alabama Cave Document Old Games, Rituals, And Health Conditions

Historical Cherokee writings inside Manitou Cave in Alabama were written backward to appease the spirits of the cave. The ancient script also recorded a game of stickball.

Ancient April 12, 2019

Tiny Human Species Discovered In The Philippines Could Change History

Strange new humans have been discovered in the islands of the Philippines, exhibiting traits from both ancient ape-like species and modern humans. This groundbreaking discovery challenges many widely held notions about human evolution.

Ancient April 11, 2019

Scientists Find Remains Of 430-Million-Year-Old Tentacled Monster Sea Cucumber

A 3D rendering of a newly discovered fossil showed that sea cucumbers evolved from a 430-million-year-old sea monster. An internal ring was also discovered in the extinct creature.

Ancient April 11, 2019

You Are What You Eat: Neanderthals, Woolly Mammoths Apparently Shared Genetic Traits

Scientists discover that two completely different species can evolve and develop the same genetic characteristics. In a landmark study, Neanderthals and woolly mammoths are found to be very similar to each other.

Ancient April 10, 2019

Mummified Cats And Mice Found In 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb

A beautiful and colorful tomb discovered in Sohag has mummified animals that include cats, mice, and falcons. The mummified cat in the burial site reinforces the idea that the ancient Egyptians loved felines.

Ancient April 8, 2019

Scientists Solve Mystery Of Why China's Terracotta Army Weapons Are So Well Preserved

Do the weapons from China's Terracotta structures have the earliest form of anti-rust technology? A new study sheds light as to what really keeps the ancient weapons in great shape.

Ancient April 5, 2019

Denisovans Mated With Modern Humans More Recently Than Previously Thought

Denisovans are a richer, more varied group than scientists previously believed. New research shows that two Denisovan populations existed in Southeast Asia and even mated with modern humans fairly recently.

Ancient April 3, 2019

Climate Change Drove Neanderthals To Eat Each Other

A new study in France has revealed that Neanderthals were driven to eat each other due to abrupt climate change during the interglacial period. How did that happen?

Ancient March 30, 2019

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