Ancient Coelacanth Fish Study Reveals Insights On Skull Evolution

A new study has revealed marvelous insights on the skull of the ancient coelacanth fish, which is known as the 'oldest living fossil.' The findings offer a deeper understanding on skull evolution of vertebrates and other animals.


Ancient DNA Reveals Crusaders Married Local Women And Had Families In Newly Christianized Lands

Bones found in mass burial pit in Lebanon offer glimpse of the lives of the Crusader soldiers. DNA analysis suggests some married local women and had families with them.


Ebay Sale Of Baby T. Rex Fossil Draws Backlash From Paleontologists

A professional fossil hunter placed a baby Tyrannosaurus rex fossil on auction on eBay. The action disappointed paleontologists who believe the specimen should have been analyzed first before being put on exhibit.

Ancient April 18, 2019

10,000-Year-Old Urine Reveals How Humans Switched From Hunters To Herders

Researchers analyzed urine salt taken from Aşıklı Höyük in Turkey. Increase in the abundance of these salts show when humans switched from primarily hunting and gathering to herding animals.

Ancient April 18, 2019

Bones Of Ancient Human Sacrifice Victims Found By Workers Laying Water Pipes

British researchers have uncovered 3,000-year-old human skeletons at a dig site in Oxfordshire. The remains are believed to be from people who became human sacrifices.

Ancient April 17, 2019

Human Face Evolved Because Of Diet, Social Structure

Scientists found that changes to diet and social structure over time influenced how the human face evolved. The past contributed a lot to how humans look like in modern times.

Ancient April 16, 2019

Discovery Of Homo Luzonensis In Philippine Cave Suggests Many Human Species Lived Side By Side In The Past

Early humans lived in a world much different from modern Earth. With the new human species discovered in the Philippines, scientists are more convinced than ever that the human evolutionary tree is much messier than previously believed.

Ancient April 15, 2019

DNA Shows The Denisovans Have At Least 3 Distinct Branches

A new study shows that ancient humans' evolutionary history is complex than previously believed. Scientists discover that there are multiple groups of Denisovans that existed separately from each other.

Ancient April 12, 2019

Stargazing During The Age Of T-Rex And Other Dinosaurs? This Is How It Would Have Looked Like

Chicago's Field Musuem has teamed up with the Adler Planetarium to create video projections of the Cretaceous starfield. Visitors can now have an idea of what the prehistoric sky might have looked like millions of years ago.

Ancient April 11, 2019

Cherokee Cave Markings In Alabama Cave Document Old Games, Rituals, And Health Conditions

Historical Cherokee writings inside Manitou Cave in Alabama were written backward to appease the spirits of the cave. The ancient script also recorded a game of stickball.

Ancient April 12, 2019

Tiny Human Species Discovered In The Philippines Could Change History

Strange new humans have been discovered in the islands of the Philippines, exhibiting traits from both ancient ape-like species and modern humans. This groundbreaking discovery challenges many widely held notions about human evolution.

Ancient April 11, 2019

Scientists Find Remains Of 430-Million-Year-Old Tentacled Monster Sea Cucumber

A 3D rendering of a newly discovered fossil showed that sea cucumbers evolved from a 430-million-year-old sea monster. An internal ring was also discovered in the extinct creature.

Ancient April 11, 2019

You Are What You Eat: Neanderthals, Woolly Mammoths Apparently Shared Genetic Traits

Scientists discover that two completely different species can evolve and develop the same genetic characteristics. In a landmark study, Neanderthals and woolly mammoths are found to be very similar to each other.

Ancient April 10, 2019

Mummified Cats And Mice Found In 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb

A beautiful and colorful tomb discovered in Sohag has mummified animals that include cats, mice, and falcons. The mummified cat in the burial site reinforces the idea that the ancient Egyptians loved felines.

Ancient April 8, 2019

Scientists Solve Mystery Of Why China's Terracotta Army Weapons Are So Well Preserved

Do the weapons from China's Terracotta structures have the earliest form of anti-rust technology? A new study sheds light as to what really keeps the ancient weapons in great shape.

Ancient April 5, 2019

Denisovans Mated With Modern Humans More Recently Than Previously Thought

Denisovans are a richer, more varied group than scientists previously believed. New research shows that two Denisovan populations existed in Southeast Asia and even mated with modern humans fairly recently.

Ancient April 3, 2019

Climate Change Drove Neanderthals To Eat Each Other

A new study in France has revealed that Neanderthals were driven to eat each other due to abrupt climate change during the interglacial period. How did that happen?

Ancient March 30, 2019

66-Million-Year-Old Fish Fossils Linked To Asteroid That Killed Dinosaurs

Researchers of a new study found fossilized remains of fish that appears to be linked to the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. The fish likely died within an hour after the impact.

Ancient March 29, 2019

Fossil Barnacles Reveal Modern Whales Follow Migration Routes Of Their Ancestors

Thousands of years ago, barnacles served as prehistoric GPS trackers that recorded the travel of whales. Through these sticky crustaceans, scientists revealed that ancient and modern-day whales followed similar migration routes.

Ancient March 26, 2019

Ancient Garbage Dump Hints Byzantine Empire Collapse Linked To Climate Change

It's not the Islamic Empire that brought the end to the ancient city of Elusa. By digging through trash, scientists discovered clues to the real reason: a rapid climate shift.

Ancient March 26, 2019

Dozens Of New Species Discovered In Fossil 'Treasure Trove' In China

Researchers are describing a treasure trove of fossils along a river in China. Half of the dozens and dozens of fossils are of previously undescribed creatures, and they suspect there are more.

Ancient March 21, 2019

Fossilized Egg Found Preserved Inside Ancient Bird In China

For the first time, scientists in China found a fossilized female bird with well-preserved eggs. This discovery could shed more light on ancient avian reproduction.

Ancient March 21, 2019

Ancient DNA Reveals Gene Pool Of Men In Spain Was Nearly Wiped Out During The Bronze Age

The modern-day Iberia that is known today as Spain and Portugal is a melting pot of cultures. Thousands of years ago, the local men of the ancient Iberian Peninsula were mysteriously driven out of the genetic pool.

Ancient March 17, 2019

Fossils From Hunter-Gatherers Shed New Light On Genetic History Of The Iberian Peninsula

Researchers analyzed the DNA from ancient Iberian individuals to create the most extensive genetic record of the region to date. A paper revealed that the last hunter-gatherer group that survived in the region was more diverse than originally thought.

Ancient March 15, 2019

Softer Foods Gave Ancient Humans Ability To Pronounce 'F' And 'V' Sounds

How did humans come to pronounce the letters "f" and "v"? Researchers of a controversial new study believe that it may have something to do with a shift in ancient humans' diet.

Ancient March 14, 2019

New Wallaby-Sized Dinosaur Discovered In Australia

A new species of dinosaur has been identified from fossils unearthed in Victoria, Australia. The herbivores grew to about the size of a modern-day wallaby and had powerful hind legs like a kangaroo.

Ancient March 11, 2019

World’s Oldest Tattoo Kit Includes Tool Made From Human Bone

Researchers rediscvered four ancient tattoo tools that were thought to be lost in a fire. Together with an ink pot discovered in 1963, the find is the world's oldest known tattoo kit.

Ancient March 9, 2019

First Denisovan Skull Fragment Found In Siberia Cave

DNA analysis confirmed the skull piece belonged to a Denisovan. It was found in a cave in Siberia three years ago and represents the fifth Denisovan individual ever found.

Ancient March 4, 2019

Neanderthals Were Not Hunched At All: Study Reveals They Walked Upright Like Modern Humans

Virtual reconstruction of the skeleton of an elderly male Neanderthal found in La Chapelle-aux-Saints, France sheds light on how this extinct species of human relative walked. They walked upright with a posture similar to modern humans.

Ancient March 2, 2019

Unknown Creature That Lived 480 Million Years Ago Finally Identified From Fossilized Guts

A recently unearthed fossil has finally settled the debate about the stylophoran, a mysterious creature that existed before the age of dinosaurs. The specimen discovered in 2014 had perfectly-preserved soft tissues, allowing scientists to probe the creature's insides.

Ancient February 23, 2019

Fossil Of 4-Foot T. Rex Relative Discovered In Utah

The fossil of a diminutive Tyranossaurus rex relative was discovered in Utah. The discovery reveals new information on how and when the T. rex eventually came to rule North America.

Ancient February 22, 2019

Volcanic Eruptions Contributed To Mass Dinosaur Extinction, Studies Find

Was the asteroid that hit Earth solely responsible for the demise of dinosaurs? New studies find that a series of volcanic eruptions may have contributed to the mass extinction.

Ancient February 21, 2019

The Neanderthals Ate Fresh Meat As Main Food In Their Diet

Using compound-specific isotope analyses, researchers found evidence suggesting the Neanderthals consumed fresh meat as their main food source. Researchers said they likely consumed vegetarian animals.

Ancient February 20, 2019

Researchers Unveils Key Findings In African Art Thanks To Medical Technology

Researchers unveils key findings in African art thanks to medical technology

Ancient February 18, 2019

Scientists Find Bone Cancer In 240-Million-Year-Old Fossil

Scientists found a mysterious mass in the fossil of the Pappochelys rosinae, the oldest known turtle, unearthed in 2015. They revealed in a recent study that the mass was a malignant tumor.

Ancient February 9, 2019

Neanderthals And Denisovans Shared Denisova Cave In Siberia For Thousands Of Years

Two new studies shed light on when the Neanderthals and the Denisovans occupied the Denisova cave in Siberia. Evidence suggests the two species shared the space for thousands of years.

Ancient January 31, 2019

Canadian Glacial Melt Uncovers Ancient Landscapes Hidden For 40,000 Years

Researchers said that the melting glaciers in the Arctic are exposing landscapes that have never been seen in over 40,000 years. From Baffin Island, they collected samples of ancient plants preserved in ice in the region.

Ancient January 30, 2019

Neanderthals Were Intelligent Enough To Make Spears That Could Kill Animals At A Distance

In a study that involved javelin athletes throwing Schöningen spear replicas, researchers found the Neanderthals could hit and kill their prey at a distance. It was earlier thought these early humans could only hunt at close range.

Ancient January 26, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Identifies Human Ancestor Species That Was Likely A Hybrid Of Neanderthals And Denisovans

Deep learning algorithm identified the genome of a human ancestor that would have been a hybrid of the Neanderthals and Denisovans. This species is not known to modern science.

Ancient January 19, 2019

Scientists Say Pair Of Ancient Hominin Skeletons Found In South Africa Are From Same Species

Malapa Hominin 1 (male) and Malapa Hominin 2 (female) were found to be from the same hominin species. After a decade of analysis, scientists concluded that the skeletons unearthed in South Africa were both Australopithecus sediba.

Ancient January 19, 2019

Researchers Get To The Bottom Of Easter Island Mystery

A new study found that the locations of the megalithic platforms or ahu at Eastern Island in Chile are tied to the community's basic needs for survival. Whenever there are giant statues in an area, there are massive amounts of freshwater.

Ancient January 11, 2019

Blue Pigment In A Medieval Nun's Teeth Sheds Light On Women's Role In Manuscript Writing

Researchers discovered a blue pigment that was believed to be grounded from lapis lazuli in a medieval nun's teeth. The findings shed light on how women were part of religious text writing.

Ancient January 10, 2019

Brain Of Australopithecus 'Little Foot' Reveals Ape-Like And Human-Like Features

The brain endocast of Little Foot showed the Australopithecus had a combination of ape-like and human-like features. It also suggested brain lateralization evolved early in the primate lineage.

Ancient December 26, 2018

DNA Study May Help Return Remains Of Aboriginal Australians Sold To Museums To Home Soil

A new study found that analysis of DNA from ancient Aboriginal Australian remains can be used to repatriate their bodies and bring them back to their original land. The study yielded a positive match in remains used.

Ancient December 20, 2018

Archaeologists Discover 4,400-year-old Tomb Of Royal Egyptian Priest Wahtye

The well-preserved tomb is the final resting place of the royal priest Wahtye. He lived during the reign of Neferirkare Kakai, the third king of the fifth dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Ancient December 18, 2018

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