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Windows 3.1 can now be installed on your iPad, thanks to an MS-DOS emulator named iDOS 2 available in the App Store.

Here is how you can install Windows 3.1 on your iPad.

Windows 3.1 iPad Installation

First, you will need to purchase an app called iDOS2 in the App Store. It will cost you $4.99. After buying the app and installing it on your iPad, run it to see if it creates folders that are needed for your Files app.

The installation will create an iDOS folder that you can see on the On My iPad section.

As soon as you have your iDOS 2 installed, you may need to use it with a hardware mouse and keyboard. As long as you are running iPadOS 13 or higher, it is easy to attach your iPad to a mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth, according to 9to5Mac.

Just go to Settings, then tap on Bluetooth, and you can pair your devices.

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Prepare the Windows 3.1 Setup Files

To begin the installation of the software, you need to copy the Windows 3.1 files over to your iPad. Copy all of the floppies and put them in a folder, as reported by Windows Central.

Meanwhile, on PC, 7-Zip or WinImage can extract files from disk images. You can place all of the installation files copied from numerous different Windows 3.1 installation disks into a folder called w3setup.

As soon as all of the Windows 3.1 setup files in one folder, you will need to copy the w3setup folder into the iDOS 2 folders.

There are numerous ways to do this. One is to plug your iPad into a Mac, then locate your iPad in the Finder sidebar and click "Files." Then drag the w3setup folder from Finder or your Desktop onto iDOS in the Files list.

You can use Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or another cloud storage service as an intermediary. As as it is transferred to your iPad, use the Files app to copy the w3setup folder to the iDOS folder in Files, according to How to Geek.

Install Windows 3.1 in iDOS 2

When you are sure that all of the contents of Windows 3.1 is in your installation disk, you can now install Windows 3.1 in iDOS 2. Everything that you put into the iDOS folder in Files will become the contents of your MS-DOS C: drive.

To begin the installation, launch iDOS 2, and by using your keyboard, type w3setup\setup at the C:\> prompt and hit Enter. You will see a blue setup screen that will say, "Welcome to Setup."

Tap on Enter, and select Express Setup on the next screen by tapping on Enter again. Windows Setup will start copying files from the w3setup folder into a new directory named C:\\WINDOWS.

After a couple of seconds, the Setup will transition from MS-DOS character ode with the blue background into a Windows 3.x-style installation.

At this point in the installation, your mouse should be working already, and you can move the mouse pointer around the screen. When it asks for your name, just type whatever you like, then tap Continue or tap Enter twice.

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