The PS5 Restock for this week centered on Best Buy, with the retail company having one of the best stock availability the public has seen on their recent releases. However, the stocks from the company have run out earlier today but have been said to be releasing some more for later this week.

That being said, other retail companies like GameStop and Walmart to join its releases.

Best Buy Runs Out, Speculated to Have Again

PS5 Restock on Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart this Week
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Earlier today, Twitter was shaken that Best Buy had stocks of the PlayStation 5 around lunchtime, and it is one of the best drops during the run of the PS5, as attested by the public.

Popular leaker Wario 64 (@Wario64) shared the surprise drop on social media, and despite being somewhat late for it, the public reports that it was available 30 minutes later. 

According to Comicbook, Best Buy is speculated to have some more drops later this week, but the sources for that are not strong enough, so take this announcement with some caution. What this means is that people should not expect much of the later drops for this week.

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Other Retail Stores to Have Stock This Week

PS5 Restock
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Apart from Best Buy, there are still other retail stores that would have drops for this week, and it is GameStop and Walmart. It is worth checking out their websites, but note that nothing is guaranteed from these companies, compared to drops earlier this month

Best Buy

Availability: Currently Sold-out, Next restock was speculated to have a few units for this week but is not guaranteed or sure. Both the Standard and Digital Editions were available on the company's last restock. 

Price: $499

Check-out Best Buy for the PS5 Restock Update 


Availability: Currently sold-out, Unknown date of restocking, but frequently offers console-only or bundles in weekly intervals. Restocks is on Wednesdays, and the retail company was said to have some units for this week. 

Price: $499

Check-out GameStop for the PS5 Restock Update 


Availability: Currently unavailable, unknown date of restocking, but check for updates via Twitter and retail e-shop as Walmart frequently updates. Walmart is known to drop the PS5 restocks during Thursdays and on weekends. 

Speculations say that Walmart will have one for this week and the following week, and it is worth checking them out. 

Price: $499

Check-out Walmart for the PS5 Restock Update 


Availability: Currently Sold-out, Unknown, but Amazon is frequent to get restocks from Sony at the most unusual times (no specific day of the week or times).

Price: $499

Check-out Amazon for the PS5 Restock Update

Sony Direct Website

Availability: Currently sold-out, Unknown date of restocking. Sony Direct's website offers a restock of the consoles during Wednesdays.

Price: $499

Check-out Sony Direct for the PS5 Restock Update


Availability: Currently unavailable, Unknown date of restocking (no confirmation), but is known to have a frequent update for availability. Thursday is the day Target is known to restock the console.

Price: $499

Check-out Target for the PS5 Restock Update

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