The Art of Empowering Communities
(Photo : The Art of Empowering Communities)

A person is identified by the community they come from. It makes up a major chunk of their personality and tells about their character and outlook on different things. The community and its values impact a person greatly, which later reflects in their life decision and the roles they take on. One should be proud of their roots and background as it truly defines who they are. Unfortunately, the upcoming generation is unaware of the significance of cultures and backgrounds and do not want to be categorized or labeled. If this continues to happen, then the world will slowly become mundane and gray. Dwayne Holness is one personality who proudly embraces his culture and community and imparts the effect of its importance to people at large. Judging by his consistent efforts, he can be labeled as a ray of hope or saving grace for the gradually decaying cultures.

First cried on January 1st, 1988, in Kingston, Jamaica, Dwayne Holness or Dwayne 'Dukez' Holness is known to the world as the CEO and founder of Corex Creative. He is one of those generous individuals who think for the larger good. His efforts to pull up young talent and provide them a platform to showcase their skills to people worldwide can be seen in his creative venture. Other than this, he also wants his community to be proud of their history and culture regardless of the rumors and negativity.

It Takes Big Hearts to Help Shape Little Minds

Humans are always juggling with the idea of listening to their mind or the heart, and the heart is often the winner in this scenario. Similar was the situation with Dwayne. As a child, he faced some unfair and unpleasant situations. Being a kid of color and coming from a 'labeled' neighborhood imprinted massively on his personality and thinking. He belonged to Jane and Finch, a Canadian neighborhood that had an ill reputation in the society. The neighborhood had been stained due to some unexplainable encounters that it did in the past. He was judged and bullied based because of where he came from. Dwayne grew up listening to all the negative things people said about his background, neighborhood, and culture. Negativity spurred around him, but this child never lost track of his positivity.

It is observed that people who grow up in negativity end up having toxic thoughts and hate for society, but Dwayne was different.  He had a likable and calm personality. He was always of the opinion to impart good vibes no matter the situation. This approach led him to a plan that worked tremendously well. He realized that people only followed and listened to the powerful. So, to make his voice heard and remove the immoral tags from his Jamaican descent, he decided to establish his career and then speak for the right.

As Dwayne was adamant about achieving bigger things in life, he never neglected studies. He was aware that only a literate could bring the change his community wanted. Holness completed his graduation with honors from Humber College for Multimedia Design. Majoring in Multimedia Design and Production makes his interest areas obvious. He was fond of the ever-growing media industry. He plunged into the industry with his innovative venture Corex Creative in 2012. He had not abandoned his aim and was prepared to work day in and day out for it. Laying the foundation to his company was his first step up the ladder of success. He knew that in order to uplift the people of his community, he had to achieve something noteworthy. His company is known to create divergent innovation through video, photography, design, and motion graphics that transcend the digital world.

The goal of his firm is to provide a global platform for the people of his community. He collaborated with those organizations that shared the beliefs of collaboration and youth empowerment. Dwayne's firm believes in uplifting communities by channeling their young talents in the right direction. Community development is one of the core principles of Corex Creative. The team is determined to be socially responsible as it has opened a ton of opportunities for young creatives in their production projects. With Dwyane's each-one-teach-one model, Corex Creative pushes fresh minds to believe in themselves and the skills they have.

A Personality to Look Up to

Having achieved his childhood dream of uplifting his communities, Dwayne never restricted himself from learning more. The exposure to help people, broadcasting their talent to the world, and to empower them turned him into a motivational speaker. His talent to use the right combination of words at the right time has motivated many to lead healthy and happy life. Through his podcast, Dwayne has made them proud of their roots and embrace their culture confidently.

Adding more to his achievements, Dwayne has also introduced the life-changing "Calculated Steps" philosophy. The creative head came up with the idea of recording ten years of his life each time he made a mistake. The purpose of doing so was to recall the cause and effect of the mistake, which in return helped the brain to think positively. The philosophy also emphasizes that if there is something wrong that one knows, the brain must be ready and should have the capacity to unlearn it. It will help take steps towards success and work towards the betterment of oneself, ultimately helping the community and society grow. Dwayne has also introduced Calculated Steps in his Podcast. 

With such creatives and intellects dwelling in the world, it can be ensured that the future of the declining cultures is in good hands!

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