The Looking Glass Factory, which made waves last December with the first personal holographic display, is now back with two new lines of holographic interface systems.

Its new 4K and 8K Gen2 systems are currently the only 3D holographic interface systems in existence that allow multiple people to view realistic and lifelike content in three dimensions, all at the same time. Additionally, the Looking Glass Factory has opened pre-orders for these two new systems at the Looking Glass Factory website.

Looking Glass 8K 2nd Gen
(Photo : Looking Glass Factory)

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Redefining The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass Factory first captivated the global market with its successful Kickstarter campaign that ran from December 2020 to January 2021 with Looking Glass Portrait - the first personal holographic interface system. This campaign managed to raise over $2.5M, surpassing the previous crowdfunding goals achieved by Oculus back in 2012.

Now, with its second-generation 4K and 8K systems, the Looking Glass unveils its new products built on the familiar design of the Looking Glass Portrait but with all new technology built from the ground up to offer an all-new and improved viewing experience.

"Our goal with this new generation of holographic interfaces was to create systems that were more accessible to anyone interested in communicating ideas with lifelike realism," explains Shawn Frayne, CEO of Looking Glass Factory, in a company statement. "From Looking Glass Portrait to our Looking Glass 8K Gen2 interface, we are offering a lineup that meets the needs of individuals and enterprises alike." 

Additionally, Looking Glass has also rolled out its upgraded and standardized software, now including updated plugins for interfacing with Unity, Unreal, and Blender generated objects. With the new software, all systems will be using the Looking Glass application HoloPay Studio, a new holographic companion and purpose-built software application for easy viewing, editing, and syncing of holographic media.

Get Your Own Looking Glass Now

The new product lines also adapt the company's new pricing scheme, with the Looking Glass Portrait starting at $299. The new Looking Glass 4K Gen2 will start at $3000 while 8K Gen 2 at $17,500. However, for a limited time, the 8K Gen2 units are available for a special promotional price of $15,000.

Looking Glass Factory has begun shipping its Portrait orders and remains available on the Official Looking Glass website.

The Looking Glass Factory is a tech startup headquartered in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and has set up additional operations in Hong Kong. Now the leader in the design and development of holographic interfaces, the company first established itself with its eponymous flagship product line. With a unique combination of advanced hardware and software, based on its patented light field technology, made the Looking Glass the most widely-adopted holographic display ever, starting in 2019.

Now, the company caters to both developers and enterprises while keeping its commitment to creating the "headset-free hologram-powered future we were all promised in science fiction growing up."


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