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Apple announced the financial results for the second quarter of 2021. The company posted the revenue of $89.6 billion, which is up 54% from its 2019 sales.

Meanwhile, the international sales accounted for 67% of the company's quarter revenue.

Apple's Impressive Sales

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, said that the Q2 of 2021 reflects the demand of the products despite the pandemic that affected people around the world.

Apple is in a period of innovation across its product lineup, and Cook stated that the tech giant is keeping focus on how it can help its teams and communities where they work to emerge from this pandemic, according to GSMArena.  

The company is focusing on its new products like the iMac and iPad Pro, and it is also working on 8 gigawatts of new clean energy that it will bring onto the grid. Plus, the company is also pushing for its $430 billion investment in the Untied States.

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Luca Maestri, Apple's CFO, added that they are proud of their Q2 2021 performance, which included revenue records in each of their geographic segments. It also showed strong double-digit growth in each of their product categories.

Maestri added that the results allowed them to generate an operating cash flow of $24 billion and return almost $23 billion to shareholders during the quarter.

Popular and Least Popular iPhones

The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners released a report on the Apple products that thrived during Q2 of 2021.

As seen in the report, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 11 models were the best-selling ones. Both phones made up 23% of the share of iPhones. The other iPhone 12 models made up 63% of the sales.

In 2018, the iPhone 11 series made up 65% of the sales. The iPhone 11 matched the iPhone 12 Pro Max, as they are the two best-selling models for the quarter at 23% of the market share.

Meanwhile, the least popular models for the quarter were the iPhone 12 Mini, and the iPhone XR. Both of the phones made up just 5% of the sales.

Xiaomi Outperforming Apple

Despite the great Q2 2021 sales of Apple, the Chinese mobile company Xiaomi snagged the second spot in global smartphone shipments, according to Canalys.

This is a sudden growth for the Chinese company as it increased 83% from last year's sales. Xiaomi is now behind Samsung by 19%, taking up Apple's space as the second best-selling smartphone brand.

Apple is now the third largest mobile company in the world, with 14% of sales worldwide. The fourth and fifth spots were snagged by Oppo and Vivo, respectively.

Canalys pointed out that aggressive pricing is one of the biggest factors in Xiaomi's success, as it contrasted with the premium-priced offerings from Apple and Samsung.

Ben Stanton, the research manager of Canalys, said that Xiaomi is now transforming its business model from challenger to incumbent for a more careful management of older stock in the market.

Stanton added that the average selling price of Xiaomi is 40% to 75% cheaper than that of Samsung and Apple.

The top priority this year of Xiaomi for 2021 is to grow the sales of its high-end devices, such as the Mi 11 Ultra, while Apple will continue to focus on its devices that is scheduled for release this year.

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