YouTube New Feature Allows Fans to Tip Creators | Introducing 'Super Thanks'
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) YouTube New Feature Allows Fans to Tip Creators | Introducing 'Super Thanks'

YouTube new feature is rolling out a way for creators to be able to monetize their content even more! With the rise of content creators and the competition making it tough, this move could help creators make the most of what they have by receiving tips from their fans and audience.

YouTube Rolls Out 'Super Thanks' for Creators

YouTube is reportedly rolling out a brand new feature that is called "Super Thanks" for the creators, according to YouTube. This would allow fans to show how thankful they are to creators using monetary means in the form of tips.

Super Thanks can be purchased from viewers located directly underneath a video. This will be signalled by a heart icon that has a dollar sign. The company notes that there will be four different tipping options.

Fans Tipping Options

Fans will be able to choose whether to give the creator $2, $5, $10, or even $50 for those fans that are feeling mighty generous. Viewers who leave a Super Thanks will then have given tips highlighted and seen by others in the comment section. This will be a way for creators to recognize those top contributors so that they can recognize them.

YouTube also notes that this is a great way for creators to be able to engage with their utmost devoted fans. For those that think that Super Thanks sounds quite familiar, according to Android Central, this is because YouTube has already rolled out two different similar features like the Super Stickers and Super Chat.

Super Thanks, Super Stickers, Super Chats

The Super Stickers and Super Chat is a way for fans to once again give the creators a tip during live streams. Super Thanks will reportedly work across uploads in order to make them more accessible to the fans.

Twitter has also been working on releasing its very own Super Follow feature. This will allow followers to pay a premium subscription in order to get exclusive content from influencers.

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Super Thanks Similarity to Tip Jar

Super Thanks is reportedly more akin to Twitter's new feature, the Tip Jar, which gives users the option to give a tip to accounts. The idea is notably not a new approach as there are a number of platforms that have already taken this particular approach to help give creators new ways for them to receive payment for their work directly from fans.

YouTube highlights that a creator was able to make 15% of his own revenue coming from the Super Thanks. This will most likely expand to a number of others as the feature is still rolling out to a total of 68 countries. Other YouTube features that could be rolling out is for viewers to buy products directly from the video itself.

YouTube, however, notes that not everyone will be able to get access to this currently beta feature initially. However, the feature is expected to expand some time later this year for more creators to be able to monetize their work. YouTube is also rolling out a feature that allows users to replay their most listened music.

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