Apple iOS 14.7 Update Specifications | Battery, HomePod, Credit Limits, Podcasts Improvements
(Photo : Screenshot From Apple Official Website) Apple iOS 14.7 Update Specifications | Battery, HomePod, Credit Limits, Podcasts Improvements

Apple iOS 14.7 update is now available to the general public. This particular update comes as the Apple iOS 14 beta testing finally starts to wind down ahead of the upcoming iOS 15 launch in just a couple of months from today.

According to 9to5mac, there are a few things that users need to know about the iOS 14.7 in order to decide whether or not they should update their iPhone. The iOS 14.7 is different from the iOS 14.5 or even the newer iOS 14.6.

The difference from the previous updates is that it doesn't really bring that many new features. However, they are still pretty much welcome as fans are still waiting for the upcoming iOS 15 release with additional features.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Support

For those planning to buy the new MagSafe battery pack for their iPhone 12, they need to first upgrade to the nower iOS 14.7 in order to use the new accessory. The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack has been really waited for by a number of iPhone users to give more juice to their device. The MagSafe is supposedly capable of charging an iPhone 12 up to 50% in just an hour.

Combined Credit Limits Through Apple Card Family

The iOS 14.6 first introduced the Apple Card Family Support but with the newer 14.7, users will be able to combine credit limits and even share a co-owned account which exists with the Apple Card User. Apple is also planning to launch another Apple Pay feature which would allow users to buy the product then opt to pay them later. Samsung and Google are planning to make their own version of the Apple Card.

Home App Gets HomePod iOS 14.7 with Multiple Timers Support

Apple will continue to update the HomePod and add more features. Although the popular iOS 14.7 is currently not capable of supporting the Lossless playback that is expected to run with the Apple smart speakers, the company is bringing the ability to help users manage a number of timers on HomePad with the use of the Home app. This was something previously seen in the beta for iOS 14.7 in an article by iMore.

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Podcast App with iOS 14.7 Enhancements

Along with the launch of the iOS 14.5, Apple actually launched and even redesigned its Podcast app. Along with the newer iOS 14.6, for example, Apple had released a particular subscription channel as well as other individual shows.

Apple had also released the iOS 14.6 subscriptions for channels and individual shows on the particular Podcast app along with the iOS 14.5, a newer redesigned app. Now, the Apple iOS 14.7 brings a brand new tweak. The podcast library will allow more users to choose to see all of their shows or only follow certain ones.

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