Tattoo Industry Mogul and Unstoppable Boxer Mads Kristensen is Taking the World by Storm
(Photo : Mads Kristensen )

Mads Kristensen is originally from Denmark, a 39-year-old entrepreneur who, believe it or not, was considered a troublesome kid throughout his childhood. He had been expelled from 11 schools and eventually had to be home tutored. While we all know a diamond is just a chunk of coal made remarkable under pressure, we often forget to apply the same pressure to explore ourselves. Most of us spend our lives dreaming, but a few make an effort to turn those dreams into reality. Mads Kristensen is an inspiring personality who has transformed his life to become a successful philanthropist and entrepreneur. One thing for sure is it didn't happen overnight.

Growing up in Denmark, Kristensen became more unruly in his way of life. When he was 23, Kristensen became a full member of Hells Angels in Aarhus, Denmark-loving the "free life" and riding motorcycles. As a club member, Kristensen gained a lot of judgment from friends and family. After some years had gone by, Kristensen decided it was time to make amends with his family, who had disowned him as they disagreed with his decisions to be a part of the club. He gave it all up to be able to reconnect with his family and focus on his businesses.

His parents have been the most prominent motivation in his life. As his life path changed, so did his family's opinion of him. He and his father now do business together and have built a great father-son relationship. Although he credits a lot of his success to himself and his hard work ethic, he thanks his family for the harsh lessons in life and still supporting and loving him through the bad times.

Currently, Mads Kristensen is an entrepreneur who made his mark in several sectors of business. He owns the brand "Tattoo Fashion," one of the largest tattoo parlors chains globally, located in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and Germany. He also owns a construction business, a rock bar, a cosmetics studio, and a disco.

Kristensen has always taken an interest in sports and cars. He plays badminton, soccer, and tennis, but nothing excites him more than boxing. He loved it so much he decided to fight professionally, making his professional debut as a boxer in November 2019 in Denmark.

Overcoming the daily challenges of being Mads Kristensen, those obstacles shaped the man he is today. After every challenge he experienced, his empathy grew for others. He understands what it's like to be on the other end of success and does what he can to give back to those in need. His life experiences have helped him explore the possibilities of life and challenge his limits as a person.

Not letting any fear take hold, Kristensen is now basking in his hard-earned success and wants to motivate others to follow a similar path. Kristensen's goal is to live his best life while inspiring people to do the same. For him, "problems no longer exist"; he calls them opportunities. 

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