Microsoft Edge 92 Browser Comes with Password Health Dashboard | No Same Password Across Multiple Sites
(Photo : Screenshot From Microsoft Website) Microsoft Edge 92 Browser Comes with Password Health Dashboard | No Same Password Across Multiple Sites

Microsoft Edge 92 browser is coming out to mainstream users with a new feature that prevents them from using their own password in multiple sites. Having the same password spread out through multiple sites can be very dangerous to the security. Here's how Microsoft Edge 92 prevents them.

Microsoft Edge 92 Browser

According to ZDNet, on July 22, 2021, Microsoft started rolling out its new version 92 of the popular Chromium-based browser to the official Stable Channel. This means specifically for mainstream users. As of the moment, Microsoft is also trying to fix its Windows 10 from the CVE-2021-36934.

The brand new version will include a number of updated new features like one that helps improve user security like the Password Health Dashboard. According to Microsoft, the new Password Health Dashboards serve the purpose of helping users refrain from using the exact same password spread across multiple sites. 

Password Features

The tool also helps identify whether or not their passwords are actually strong enough. Microsoft already has a current Password Monitor feature that works by detecting whether users' credentials that are saved to autofill have actually been detected on the dark web or even the Password Generator, an option to help auto-generate passwords.

Microsoft Edge 92 will enable users to bring their own saved credentials directly into other apps and browsers on their phone whenever they choose to use Edge on Mobile. The users' saved login information coming from the browser can then be used to log directly into mobile apps just like Pinterest and Instagram.

Microsoft Edge Features

Microsoft Edge's release notes a number of other features that will reportedly be included in the new Edge 92. This includes natural language searches for the user's browser history directly on the address bar, MHTML files directly opening in default when users are using Internet Explorer mode, and the synchronization of payment information spread throughout devices.

Users will also have the ability to manage their extensions directly from the toolbar and be given an option to navigate from the simple HTTP to the HTTPS on domains that support the HTTPS. Officials have touted the availability of a brand new Microsoft Outlook Extension. Microsoft just purchased RiskIQ for $500 Million to help improve security.

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Microsoft Outlook Extension and Password Security

The Microsoft Outlook Extension will reportedly allow users to see their most recent personal or even work emails, to-do lists, and even calendars without the need to open a new tab or a new app. These new features focus not only on security but also a better integrated user experience.

Since multi-tasking has become the norm, it's easy to see why Microsoft is trying to add new features that further promote this particular way of using its browser. On the other hand, passwords are the fundamentals of security and with different passwords per site, this would decrease the chances of users getting all of their accounts hacked.

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