Ziotag CEO and Co-Founder Jeffrey Paul discusses the first-ever AI platform that automatically creates an Actionable Table of Contents around any kind of video anywhere on the internet.

"I am always excited whenever I talk about Ziotag," Paul says in an interview. "We make video completely discoverable, searchable, and navigable, putting great content to work helping people find the nuggets of information they need."

Ziotag Reaching Diverse Audience

People With Hearing Disability

For all the goods that Ziotag offers to their audience, one thing that stands out is their vision to help people who have a hearing disability.

Paul pinpoints that through generating transcript and table content, they can reach out to people with this kind of disability so that they can search and navigate through the video.


Paul believes that not everybody learns at the same speed as everybody else, and not everybody has the same channels.

"With given set of tools, we can make videos searchable and navigable," Paul says. "Suffice to say, it is contributing in developing a lot of utility."

Ziotag in the Future

Paul agrees that Ziotag can be innovated for live broadcast or real-time information that will be immediately available, so the audience may have a fallback when they missed something.

You can watch the full interview below:

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