How Joilson Melo is Becoming One of the Most Influential Lawyers in Brazil
(Photo : Joilson Melo)

Joilson Melo is a blossoming lawyer who was born and raised in Brazil. He developed a deep love for his country and a passion for helping it improve. He found that the best way he could help his country personally was by becoming a lawyer and fighting against the injustices that the people around him continue to face.

He is currently studying law at Fasip College in Sinop, Mato Grosso. He has already been an instrumental part of various movements that have brought attention to the malpractices that many different organisations engage in throughout Brazil. He continues to work towards becoming one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in Brazil and is extremely passionate about helping his country and the people in it.

Joilson Melo strives to stay as up to date and educated as possible on all aspects of law, believing that the most successful lawyers are the ones with the most diverse knowledge and skillset. He believes that this equips them to face any situation and prepares them so that they are more likely to achieve a good outcome.

One of the most important things to do as a lawyer, in Joilson Melo's eyes, is to consider how the legal system is working and if it is doing its job to serve the people and bring justice to a country. The large disparity between the poor and the privileged in Brazil is something Melo is acutely aware of. This large gap means that the elite often take advantage of loopholes in the justice system while the poor face injustice. Joilson Melo continues to contribute to cases where he believes changes can be made to this inequality.

Joilson Melo's short term goal is to graduate from his law course, something which he is sure to do exceptionally well. He then hopes to open up his own law firm that will be dedicated to fixing the legal system in Brazil and bringing justice to all people. He continues to stay up to date with everything that occurs in the legal circles and is known for his commitment to knowledge.

The noble approach that Joilson Melo has taken towards the area of law has solidified his place as one of the brightest and most influential lawyers emerging in the Brazilian legal scene. His commitment to the people in his community and the country that he loves is highly admirable and is sure to see him succeed as a lawyer. With people like Joilson Melo working towards true justice, there is sure to be change in the legal system and better solutions devised for the people. 

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