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Facebook announced that it would temporarily halt the sales of Oculus Quest 2 because there has been a rise in reported cases of skin reactions due to the headset's foam faceplate.

Facebook Recalls Oculus Quest 2

In a Facebook post regarding the issue, the social media company says that a couple of Quest 2 owners have reported the problem.

However, in some cases posted online, the issue has been so bad that the people's faces puffed up and their eyes closed due to the irritation.

Earlier this year, Facebook changed the manufacturing process of the face foam interfaces. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission encouraged the company to stop selling the Quest 2 altogether.

Facebook will be adding silicone face-mask covers in the upcoming versions of the Quest 2. Current owners of the Oculus Quest 2 can contact Facebook for a replacement, according to Ars Technica.

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The skin irritation problem began a month before Facebook updated the Quest 2 with more storage. The latest version of the Quest will go on sale on Aug. 24 for $299, and it will have 128GB of storage.

The upcoming Quest 2 models will already include the silicone face cover, according to Engadget.

Facebook added that if you have not experienced skin irritation, you don't need to stop using the Quest 2 face cover, but you can still request a replacement. If irritation occurs, you need to stop using the facial foam interface immediately.

Not an Allergic Reaction

In December, the social media giant did an internal investigation together with dermatologists. The skin irritation problem is considered contact dermatitis instead of an allergic reaction, according to The Verge.

Dr. Robert Rietschel, one of the dermatologists involved in the investigation, said the problem is not an allergic reaction after reviewing the reports and data, which means it is not life-threatening.

Dr. Rietschel said a certain percentage of the population reacts with skin swelling to common objects. The skin reaction that Oculus Quest 2 owners experienced is the same one that some people experience with everyday items like food and fur.

Contact dermatitis self-resolves and those who are affected don't need medical attention. Also, it does not have a lasting effect. People affected by contact dermatitis need to stop using the item that caused the irritation.

The social media giant has not announced additional steps aside from releasing a silicone cover and halting the sales of the Oculus Quest 2. Also, the company has not announced any plans to make new accessories yet.

The Oculus Quest 2 is not recommended for children under 13. Also, users who are not affected by the issue are still encouraged to order the silicon foam covers or ask Facebook for a replacement for their safety.

This is not the first time that Oculus Quest 2 faced criticism for its quality. In 2020, Facebook received numerous complaints after the system keeps locking users out of their accounts after using the new Oculus 2 headset.

Facebook encouraged users to use their real names and sign up using their personal Facebook account.

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