We could now see the next impressive feature of virtual reality (VR) headset which could take us anywhere. If you are experiencing playing a VR game on your PC through a connected cable, this could somehow contribute to the hassle of your gaming journey.

To solve this issue, the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset has released its most recent software update, the Oculus Air Link which boasts of its wireless connectivity feature.

Oculus Quest 2's Air Link Brings Wireless Experience to the Users

Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset Announces Air Link, the Next-Level Wireless Connectivity Feature
(Photo : Oculus )

On Tuesday, Apr. 13, Oculus unveiled that it will feature a new, high-end technology that will level up the users' experience in terms of gaming. This time, there will be no traditional cable that will be linked to the computer and the headset.

Air Link, the said feature will only require the users with a sustainable Wi-Fi connection at home, but just make sure that it is strong enough so you could fully enjoy wireless connectivity.

The latest v28 update will highlight this feature to amp the users' gaming experience. However, Oculus reminded those who want to try this that not every network could adopt this feature. The requirement also goes as well with the type of PC setup that the user has.

This is because the users should have a strong and secured 5GHz Wi-Fi connection through their computer's ethernet cables.

The v28 should be installed in both computer and headset to enable the Air Link feature. Meanwhile, the company announced that other v28 features will be unveiled as soon as the software updates in PC and Quest launch.

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Infinite Office Feature to Arrive in Oculus VR Headset.

Besides Air Link, the company will also introduce Infinite office, another functionality in the VR headset, CNET reported. Last 2020, it was also released to the public.

Upon releasing this feature, the Oculus Quest could now enable physical surface integration. For instance, you can now move your virtual desk on real-life furniture which you can utilize in the home environment of Oculus.

Through Infinite Office, you can now also use physical keyboard tracking which features a VR version of your keyboard and your hands. This simulates what you do in real life when typing something on the keyboard.

To make this possible, you need to have a Logitech K830 keyboard that supports Quest 2. The company said that in the future, users could expect other keyboard models which could also be incorporated with the VR headset.

"While there aren't any apps that support 120 Hz just yet, people who turn on this setting will experience 120 Hz performance in apps that choose to support it in the future," Oculus spoke in its official statement in its blog.

Meanwhile, the update will also bring an improved display refresh rate of the Quest 2 which will pave the way for more developed gaming. Presently, the software has a 90Hz refresh rate, but for the next changes, it will release the 120 HZ display refresh rate.

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