A PS5 Restock is happening and it would supply Target with a speculated "biggest drop" in months, says a YouTuber and leaker of this release. Halfway into 2021, the gaming consoles that were introduced in the heat of the pandemic still sees production issues, hence this shortage where the demand is more significant than its supply.

Target has been a consistent store in delivering new stocks for the PS5, even more so than Amazon and Costco in the past months. That being said, it goes alongside that of Walmart and GameStop which have been the choice stores for users who want a PS5 themselves.

PS5 Restock: Biggest Drop in Months for Target

PS5 Restock
(Photo : PlayStation Official Website)

According to influencer and YouTuber Jake Randall, his leaks are reliable because he has insider information from employees, where he provides a screenshot of vendor drops.

The photo, shows that the vendor, Sony, is dropping new stocks by July 27, but later stocks would drop from Wednesday (July 28) to Thursday (July 29).

Randall specified that users should focus on Target's restocks on Wednesday and Thursday, especially at 6:30 AM ET and 9:00 AM ET. The drop would not be following Target's usual releases, as it would focus on different times.

PS5 Restock
(Photo : Screenshot From PlayStation Official Website)

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Where to Buy the PS5?

PS5 Restock
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Target is the first stop to go, but other retailers are still worth checking out. Here's a list of them below:


Availability: Currently unavailable, but restocks are coming for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week (July 27 to July 29) at 6:30 AM and 9:00 AM ET. Thursday is the day Target is known to restock the console.

Price: $499 | $399

Target's PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition 


Availability: Currently sold-out, had a restock drop yesterday, and immediately sold all stocks. Unknown date of restocking, but frequently offers console-only or bundles in weekly intervals. Restocks are on Wednesdays.

Price: $499 | $399

GameStop's PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition 


Availability: Currently unavailable, unknown date of restocking, but check for updates via Twitter and retail e-shop as Walmart frequently updates. Walmart is known to drop the PS5 restocks during Thursdays and on weekends.

Price: $499 | $399

Walmart's PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition 


Availability: Currently Sold-out, Unknown, but Amazon is frequent to get restocks from Sony at the most unusual times (no specific day of the week or times). However, drops on Amazon are rare these past weeks, and scalpers are the only sellers on the platform.

Price: $499 | $399

Amazon's PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition

Best Buy

Availability: Currently sold-out, next restock remains unknown, and no news for a drop this week and in the coming weeks. Probably next restock is in August. Both the Standard and Digital Editions were available on the company's last restock.

Price: $499 | $399

Best Buy's PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition 

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