'Genshin Impact's' miHoYo New Game 'Tears of Themis' Launches on Android and iOS | Romance and Detective Game Rewards and More!
(Photo : Screenshot From miHoYo) 'Genshin Impact's' miHoYo New Game 'Tears of Themis' Launches on Android and iOS | Romance and Detective Game Rewards and More!

"Genshin Impact's" miHoYo is launching a new game called "Tears of Themis" which is now available for Android and iOS. The game is expected to be the very first romance and detective title to come from global interactive entertainment developer and publisher fans known for "Genshin Impact," miHoYo!

Players are invited to participate in the adventure of romance and wits and as a rookie attorney, players are made to solve some bizarre cases within Stellis City while trying to cultivate romantic relationships with four different male protagonists all with different personalities. Players are also getting a number of rewards through accomplishing the tasks below.

miHoYo "Tears of Themis" Rewards:

  • Join the launch event and get up to 40+ FREE DRAWS

  • Players will get an additional 10 draws for celebrating the 500,000 pre registration milestone

  • Players can complete the Rookie Support Tasks to get 10 free draws

  • Players can log in for 14 days by August 27 to get S Chips and 10 free draws

  • Players can complete the Main Story Episodes to get 10+ free draws

  • Players will also get a guaranteed SSR card within the first 30 draws

The game officially launched on July 29, 2021 on Android and iOS and is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, dubbing in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 

miHoYo 'Tears of Themis': What Players Should Expect

"Tears of Themis" unfolds an intricately intriguing story as players investigate crimes that happen one after another in the fictitious city of Stellis. With players that have dreamed of becoming a lawyer in real life, well, the game allows them to kick off a legal career at the Themis Law Firm with the goal of upholding peace and justice.

Players, however, will only find themselves sinking deeper into the massive conspiracy that lurks behind the scenes. With every case closed and issues resolved, players will experience a sinister force that is threatening justice and order surfacing.

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Romance and Detective Gameplay

As the tranquil city is shaken by the darkness hidden within, players should choose carefully which values and beliefs they should hold onto. Players can hone their sleuthing skills through careful detective gameplay. There are also a number of objectives to complete when conducting an investigation like thoroughly examining the crime scene, and carefully gathering points of suspicion from NPCs that may be involved in the case.

Even after players compare and analyze the evidence, they are still met with a battle. Players will have to present their evidence to the court in order to support their arguments. Players will need to leverage irrefutable logic in order to defeat the prosecution and ultimately uphold justice.

Of course, don't forget the romance. Players will have to communicate with four compelling and complex male characters and form a bond through learning secrets and making exclusive romantic memories with them.

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