Apple and other giant smartphone developers have to face various issues regarding user data privacy. Now, the giant iPhone maker confirmed that its consumers could use their Apple ID to see the sensitive data that the company is tracking and keeping from them. 

How To Use Apple ID Collected Personal Data Request: Identify ALL Sensitive Info That the iPhone Maker Tracks From You
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This is a great initiative from the tech giant creator, especially since the collected data could lead to massive security threats. As of the moment, Apple is considered one of the giant tech manufacturers focusing on enhancing user data privacy protection. 

Recently, the giant iPhone maker released its so-called App Tracking Transparency feature. This new data security functionality forces new developers to disclose the personal information that their new apps will track from the interested consumers. 

This new functionality also leads to an issue against the giant social media platform, Facebook. The giant tech firm said that the new Apple ATT would certainly affect the company and its advertisers since it will allow users to opt out from its user data tracking activities. 

How To Use Apple ID Collected User Data Request? 

According to CNET's latest report, all you need to do is visit your Apple ID account page. Once you log in, you need to choose the "Data and Privacy" option. 

How To Use Apple ID Collected Personal Data Request: Identify ALL Sensitive Info That the iPhone Maker Tracks From You

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  1. After that, you need to access the "Manage My Data and Privacy" section. Once you click that, you need to enter the apps and services that you would like to assess. 
  2. Apple will start working on your request after you completed the process. On the other hand, you are still required to wait for around seven days before you can receive the collected user data breakdown from the giant iPhone maker.  

Sensitive User Data You Can Request

Apple ID currently allows you to find out what personal data Apple is tracking from you. You can request a digital copy of the following sensitive user information that the iPhone creator might be keeping from you: 

  • Marketing communications, downloads, and other activity
  • iCloud Drive files and documents
  • iCloud Mail
  • iCloud Photos
  • Other data (such as known Wi-Fi networks and location data for Wallet, Maps, and so on)
  • Apple Media Services information
  • Apple ID account and device information
  • Apple Online and Retail Stores activity
  • Wallet Activity
  • AppleCare support history, repair requests, and more
  • Game Center activity
  • iCloud Calendars and Reminders
  • iCloud Contacts
  • iCloud Notes
  • Maps
  • iCloud Bookmarks and reading list

Although Apple looks like it is becoming more strict when it comes to user data tracking activities, Facebook and its advertisers were still able to increase their ad revenue by $28 billion, which is more than double its 20202 profit, as reported by Mac Rumors

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