For the latest episode of Tech Times Exclusives, we had a chance to interview the 1ofOne Managing Partner Jeff Hood.

1ofOne is a creative agency and lab for NFT strategies. They partnered with A-list and global brands to create world-class NFTs.

NFT is one of the hottest trends today. For those who are not familiar with this term, NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. It is a type of digital asset designed to show ownership or online proof of ownership of unique virtual items--it could be online pictures and videos or even sports trading cards.

Many celebrities and artists, in general, are joining this craze. Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton are among celebrities who have embraced the NFT crypto art craze. With agencies like 1ofOne, influential people will be guided about the NFT marketplace.

Watch the full interview and learn more about NFTs and how 1ofOne helps the branding.

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