Sony Corporation's new patent revealed that the giant camera maker is working on new curved sensors, which could copy the human eyes.

If this is true, consumers could expect advanced Sony DSLRs and mirrorless cams that can provide the actual video and photo output comparable to what users are actually seeing using their naked eyes.  

As of the moment, this capability is already offered by the so-called normal lenses, which are more expensive compared to the regular models. However, these camera accessories are not that accurate when providing the actual view of a person. 

On the other hand, various manufacturers and other tech firms are trying to mimic the human eyes' capabilities for the past few years. However, they still haven't achieved the perfect lens model to do this. 

Most of the camera sensors right now are flat. Because of this design, DLSRs and mirrorless cams generate an unnatural curvature in the image. But, this could all be changed once Sony launches its new sensors. 

Sony To Have New Curved Lenses? 

According to Digital Camera World, the giant DLSR maker still hasn't confirmed the actual release date of its new camera sensors. On the other hand, Sony Corporation also did not confirm if they are already close to finishing their new technology. 

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In its latest patent, the giant tech firm explained that its new curved camera lenses can offer a visual output of what humans are actually seeing when they are looking around an area. 

Nikon's competitor added that once these lenses are completely developed, they could also be integrated into smartphones, which will definitely enhance photography features. 

However, the giant manufacturer hasn't confirmed whether it will partner with Apple, Samsung, or other high-end brands.  

Sony Also Focuses On Its Gaming Device

Aside from developing advanced camera lenses, Sony Corporation is also improving its high-end gaming consoles, especially the still-in-demand PlayStation 5.

The Verge reported that the tech giant creator released the new PS5 beta update, which is expected to fix one of the most annoying bugs. This system issue forces users to boot their console just to update their controller. 

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