The Super Heavy Booster rocket now has its Raptor Engines beneath it, and it is slowly being assembled to bear its towering structure of about 230 feet.

On the other hand, CEO Elon Musk has been reminded of where he came from by his fans, back when a lot of people were still doubting SpaceX, as it faced failures and challenges.

Elon Musk is one of the most talked-about CEO and businessman of his generation, especially as he leads several multi-billion companies. Tesla's Q2 has reported a massive $1.1 billion in earnings for the period, all for delivering more than 200,000 units of their electric vehicles.

Super Heavy Has Its Raptor Engines Now

Super Heavy Now Has its Raptor Engines
(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter)

In a recent photo shared by SpaceX Founder and CEO Elon Musk (@elonmusk), the Super Heavy Booster rocket now has its Raptor Engines installed beneath it. However, it was not revealed if it was the full 33-engine setup where it would have the power of as much as 230 sea-level thrust power.

The photo shows the beginnings of the Super Heavy, but what it indicates is that SpaceX would soon apply for its Full-Stack flight test launch permits from the FAA. It would soon incorporate that of the SN15 atop it, making it one of the tallest stacked rockets in the present times.

The Raptor Engines are also a part of the strongest rockets in the planet's history, with its design being the same as its entire assembly to be capable of being reused every after flights. The engines were already tested with the likes of the Dragon and Falcon spacecraft, which all sport its Raptors.

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SpaceX: From 2008 to Present

Amidst the tweets from Musk about the Super Heavy, fans were so keen on bringing back the past, showing what SpaceX has achieved since its initial rocket tests back in 2008.

According to Jon Elrichman, August 2, 2008, marked the third straight rocket engine failure of SpaceX, where the company was even doubted for a successful prototype. Here, Musk was quoted on his staff memo that he would never give up, and that they will continue to design and fix their rockets.

The billionaire CEO now said that 2008 was an "extremely tough year" for him and his companies, suffering a lot of drawbacks.

However, the biggest takeaway here is that Musk did not give up and neither did SpaceX. And now, the public celebrates with the company for being the pioneer of reusable spacecraft, and probably the world's biggest Mars ambassador for future missions.

Elon Musk: Make It Happen

Another fan has shared a quote from Musk, which was from an interview that asked him if he was "optimistic or pessimistic." The CEO still remembers his answer and said that it was exactly it, as cross-stitched on a piece of cloth by his fan.

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