With Vesting, Uniqly Helps Members Earn $UNIQ Token In A Simpler Way
(Photo : With Vesting, Uniqly Helps Members Earn $UNIQ Token In A Simpler Way)

Uniqly is a well-known cryptocurrency platform that strives to connect the traditional and digital worlds. It's a working, circular economy that's taken essential strides toward a more open, decentralised market by giving NFT tokens real-world value by transforming them into physical goods.

It's a digital realm with a wide range of products all available on the same platform. The company intends to lower the barrier to entry into the digital market by developing this one-stop-shop for trading, creating, selling, and staking NFTs, hence increasing the number of people who participate.

The Marketplace and Escrow services are both standard but valuable features, with the first giving user's complete control over their own webstores, as well as built-in customer support, and the second providing a space for people who want their token materialised but not sent or who want a safe place to store their valuables.

In April, the platform made $UNIQ token vesting easily with their sales and services. Users must visit their website, uniqly.io, and select the Vesting tab. They must log in with their MetaMask wallet used to participate in the presale or import their seeds into the MetaMask wallet if they used another wallet.

To avoid a token shortage in the market, they permitted anyone to claim 20% of their UNIQ for the first week without incurring any penalty (loss of bonus). These users were still eligible for the bonus after withdrawing the first 20%. There were two types of bonuses their members received when they tried the Vesting method.

Vesting had a massive response and was a huge success. End of Vesting period will take place at the beginning of September.

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