Tesla Full-Self Driving Accidental Purchase: Owner Claims Father-In-Law Unintentionally Bought $14,000 Upgrade
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Tesla's full self-driving upgrade is available for purchase both in the app and inside the vehicle. As such, an electric vehicle owner claimed that his father-in-law accidentally clicked and bought the $14,000 upgrade in the Model 3 of the former.

Dominic Preuss, the owner of the vehicle and the Director of Product Management of Google, went to Twitter to narrate the accidental purchase that another person made on his Tesla, which precisely amounted to a hefty $14,186.25.

It is actually not the first time that an accidental purchase of a Tesla upgrade occurred. But in the previous case of unintentional buying, it was a curious child playing with the phone of a parent who goes on a spending spree.

To be precise, a 10-month old child accidentally bought a $10,000 worth of Tesla upgrade package using the parent's smartphone.

However, this time around, the problem goes to the opposite side of the road, and it was the dad of the Tesla owner who accidentally charged his credit charge with $14k.

Tesla Full-Self Driving Accidental Purchase

So, as per the claims of Preuss, it turns out that anyone driving or simply sitting inside a Tesla could automatically purchase an upgrade without any confirmation from the credit cardholder.

He further noted that Tesla charged him $14,000 without any pin or password, as well as a request for credit card details.

The Google exec further said on Twitter that Tesla will automatically charge an owner for an expensive upgrade in just a few maneuvers in the electric vehicle, such as specifically double-clicking the shift panel twice and engaging the auto-pilot.

According to The Drive, the recent incident revealed that even a child simply inside the vehicle could readily purchase a thousand-dollar Tesla upgrade without the owner noticing.

Father-in-Law Unintentionally Bought $14,000 Upgrade

The upgrade that the father-in-law of Preuss purchased is an Autopilot and Full Self-Driving upgrade for the Model 3, plus the tax.


It is worth noting that the two said features are the functions that Tesla flaunts against other competing counterparts.

The accidental upgrade occurred after Preuss lent his car to his father-in-law, meaning that the $14,000 purchase happened as his dad was driving the Model 3 without him.

So, even with the absence of the owner, Tesla still bills the credit card that was synced to the system of the EV maker.

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Tesla Full Self-Driving Accidental Purchase Refund

Thankfully, Preuss saw the huge bill in an email notification, telling him that he had upgraded his Tesla Model 3.

Upon receiving the notice, Preuss went on to cancel the unintended charges via the "Manage Upgrades" section of the settings. As such, the whole sum of the purchase was brought back to his credit card.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 9 has been released to the public on July 11. 

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