The COVID-19 quarantine of this Singaporean man is a little less boring than other folk's 14-day isolation as his $7,000 gaming PC setup accompanies him as he got it shipped to his hotel.

COVID-19 Quarantine: A Man Ships His $7,000 ‘Ultimate Gaming Setup’ to His 14-day Isolation Hotel
(Photo : Screenshot from Aftershock Instagram )
The COVID-19 quarantine experience of this man is the dream of some other folks as he shipped his $7,000 gaming PC setup to his 14-day isolation hotel.

This man wanted to make the most out of his two-week-long COVID-19 quarantine, wherein he will be staying inside the confines of his hotel room, by bringing along his expensive PC setup.

Now that the risk of COVID-19 due to the Delta variant remains high, some countries still require a 14-day quarantine for those suspected to be carriers of the virus, or even people coming from overseas.

The Singaporean that goes by the Instagram username @vickygoesnuts belongs to the latter group as he had been out of the country since January. The man had to undergo Stay-Home-Notice, the health protocol imposed in Singapore that locks him up in a hotel for two weeks before he actually goes home.

COVID-19 Quarantine and $7,000 Gaming PC Setup

As per Mothership, a Singaporean news outlet, the maker of the custom PC, Aftershock, said that the owner of the $7,000 gaming rig is a business traveler, adding that it was delivered to the home address of the customer a few months ago even as he was out of the country.

So, it is not a surprise that the owner of the expensive gaming setup was excited to use his gaming PC and wanted it to be delivered to his isolation hotel room.

As such, Aftershock made sure that the PC will be properly shipped to their customer and assigned a team to help bring it to the quarantine location.

$7,000 Gaming PC Setup

It is to note that Aftershock assembled the custom gaming PC and also added the premium peripherals, such as the wireless mouse, mechanical keyboard, headphones, and an ultrawide monitor. It further dubbed the custom gaming rig as the "ultimate hotel gaming setup."


The custom PC company, which boasts itself to be the number one in Singapore, revealed that the pricey gaming rig is water-cooled. But it did not disclose further details about the setup aside from that.

Mashable noted that the mechanical keyboard, shown in the photo posted by the PC company, is perhaps a Keychron K2, probably due to the keycap combination that the brand carries by default.

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$7,000 Gaming PC Setup Owner's Response

The owner of the expensive gaming setup even replied to the post of Aftershock on Instagram, thanking the company for bringing it to his hotel room while calling the PC maker "the true Gangsta!"

He further responded to one of the commenters on the Instagram post who goes by the username @hydragzz, who mocked the hotel wifi. The owner of the gaming PC went on to reveal that the internet speed is at 30mbps with 4ms of ping.

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