There's a lot going on in the world these days, and most of it is not nice. But let's put all of that aside for one second, and focus on what's really important. Ben & Jerry's introduced new ice cream flavors to the world today. Now that's pretty sweet.

Oh yes. The legendary ice cream company added to its collection of Cores. Cores are made up of a center of gooey deliciousness featuring fudge, caramel or raspberry jam surrounded by ice cream. And now, Ben & Jerry's has introduced its Cookie Cores line. I've just got two words for you: cookie butter. That's like spreadable cookies akin to peanut butter, in case you didn't know. It's been increasing in popularity for the past few years, thanks in part to Trader Joe's. Speculoos made the original with gingerbread-like cookies.

The lineup includes the very sophisticated-sounding flavors of Boom Chocolotta (mocha and caramel ice cream with chocolate cookies, fudge flakes and a chocolate cookie core), Peanut Buttah (peanut butter ice cream, sugar bits, cookies and cookie core) and Spectacular Speculoos (dark caramel and vanilla ice creams, Speculoos cookies and a Speculoos cookie core). Yeah, I guess those sound tasty or something.

Accordingly, the Internet was very excited over this news, as it should be.

Each pint of Cookie Cores will be sold for $4.89, and they will hit stores today. But why would Ben & Jerry's launch new ice cream flavors in the middle of winter? It's not exactly the time of year when you want to chow down on a bowl of this cold stuff. If you think about it from a business perspective, which what other perspective is there in this scenario, it actually makes a lot of sense. Retailers reset their freezers at the beginning of the year so they can stock up and have consumers familiarize themselves with new flavors, John Henry Siedlecki, senior brand manager at Ben & Jerry's, told Bloomberg Businessweek. New flavors also encourage people to buy ice cream at a time when they normally wouldn't.

So get out there, you crazy kids, and get brain freeze like there's no tomorrow!

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