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Apple's Health app can now be opened through Verizon's BlueJeans TeleHealth service to allow users to virtually share their medical data during health consultations.

Apple's Health App Teams Up with BlueJeans TeleHealth

The upcoming Apple operating system, the iOS 15, will give users the ability to share their health data.

Now, BlueJeans TeleHealth users can choose to have their medical data shared with healthcare providers and practitioners through Apple's Health app.

This is just one of the multiple features that will come with the Apple Health app's iOS 15 upgrade, including food tracking.

Krish Ramakrishnan stated in a blog post that with the new Health app integration, users could share certain medical data with their healthcare providers and practitioners during their BlueJeans TeleHealth visit.

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Ramakrishnan added that allowing users to share specific categories of their health data with their healthcare provider can help build more informed conversations, and it makes it easier for them to assess the condition of the user. 

The new medical data sharing service is not exclusive to iPhone users, but Ramakrishnan noted that Apple's health app allows users to control what they do and don't want to share with their healthcare providers.

Ramakrishnan said that the integration with the Health app allows patients to share categories of their health data directly into the BlueJeans TeleHealth app, allowing them to have full control of what data to provide. 

The BlueJeans Telehealth app is available for download on iOS, and the data is synced between it and the Apple Health app through the user's iPhone, according to 9to5Mac.

What Does the BlueJeans TeleHealth App Do?

The BlueJeans TeleHealth app is a way for healthcare providers to meet with their patients via video. 

The TeleHealth app was used by millions of Americans, especially during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, as numerous states were in lockdown and people were prohibited from visiting clinics and hospitals for consultation.

Apple Health App's Data Sharing Feature

Apple wants to make it easier for its users to share their medical history with their doctors.

This is why the tech giant will include a feature that allows users to send their data from the Health app directly to their healthcare provider's electronic medical records system.

The feature will be added to the iOS 15 operating system. This type of integration could make it easier for users to share information with their doctors since the current workflow is complicated.

Usually, people who want to get examined will send the pdf of their medical data through email.

According to The Verge, a clinician can manually upload the file to create a permanent record in the official electronic medical record.

Since 2018, the tech giant had allowed its users to add records to their health app.

Once you transfer your health record, the doctor can see a window with the data. However, the information is not permanently added to the electronic medical record for privacy reasons.

If users want to stop sharing their data, it is automatically removed from the doctors' records. The system is created using a framework called SMART, which is an interface for third-party applications that works within electronic health records.

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