Android Find My Device New Features | Co-Ownership and More
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Android Find My Device New Features | Co-Ownership and More

The Android Find My Device, Android version of the iOS Find My network, is now getting new features which could help owners find their devices faster! Looking for your device without your device is extremely hard but with the help of co-ownership, users can ask help from family and friends to look for the device!

Android Find My Network

According to the story by SlashGear, Apple's very own AirTags has just launched along with an update to the company's very own Find My network which would practically make use of crowdsourcing in order to locate a particularly lost device and item.  It did not take that long before Samsung SmartThing decided to get some similar features of its own. 

Google was also spotted planning to make something quite similar for Android. That crowdsourcing feature could even be around the corner at this very moment. However, Android's Find My Network could even be beyond that and also help users secure lost cars as well!

Apple AirTags and Android Find My Features

The main idea around using other devices in order to locate one's lost phone is quite simple. However, its implementation can still be quite tricky since Apple will still most likely need to confirm it. AirTags, however, has been quite alarming especially for children since the device is a coin-sized lithium-ion battery.

The implementation reportedly involves making sure that a certain lost device is still broadcasting a secure ID to any nearby device that is capable of picking up the signal. It would also require there to be other nearby devices that are "enrolled" into exactly the same crowdsourcing system.

Find My Device Android App

9to5Google reports on the "dogfood" internal testing version of the Find My Device Android app and also reveals some of its actual feature details. Notifications will reportedly be sent to both the owner of the lost device as well as the other sighting user when a certain lost phone has been detected. 

This will also come with an option to ring it should the device be within range. All of these will also be done in a certain privacy-respecting manner, according to the app's promises. Find My Device will also reportedly gain a new co-ownership feature.

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Sharing a Device 'Co-Ownership'

The co-ownership feature will allow businesses of families to be able to locate a device that was lost by an employee or maybe a family member. Sharing a device can also be done through a QR code or even link generated by the app itself.

Since the app won't really be able to verify that the recipient is actually the user's boss or family member, users should be really careful when sharing the link to others. Android Automotive also introduced the idea of Android running on the car directly instead of through a phone.

Find My Device can also grant the user the ability to add a profile lock to their car as well as remotely wipe out the data that was stored on it as if it were just a smartphone. Apple is also adding an anti-stalking feature to its AirTags as it could easily be abused if in the wrong hands.

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