Sony PlayStation may have stealthily released the much-anticipated revised model of the PS5 down under. 

According to a report by VideoGamesChronicle, the rumored new Sony PlayStation 5 model has been spotted on sale in Australia, albeit without much fanfare and marketing hype. 

The alleged reworked PS5 model in question is a disc version of the console, however. This means it's already far different from what initial leaks revealed (they said it was a digital edition console with no disc tray). The new Sony PlayStation 5 console does have an updated model number, though. 

At launch day, the Sony PlayStation 5 featured a CFI-1XXX numbering scheme for its model number. But this Australian model is using a CFI-11XX scheme. But if you're excited about a potentially faster and better PS5 console, you might be a bit disappointed. reports that the new Sony PlayStation 5 model isn't too different from a launch PS5 model in terms of performance or aesthetics. Whatever changed looks to be very subtle and unnoticeable. For one, the new PlayStation 5 console features a thumb screw instead of a traditional screw that attaches the console to its vertical stand. 

Another very subtle change is the console's weight. The new Sony PlayStation 5 console appears lighter than its launch day counterpart, at 300 grams less. But again, that's a chance that you won't even notice during day-to-day use. As for the system's internals, however, there's barely anything to go around that either confirms or denies any hardware changes. 

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Sony PlayStation 5 Rumored Redesign: Is This It? 

Back in late May, fans were greeted with the news that would've confirmed Sony's plans to redesign the PS5 to fit better the market's current situation (sky-high demand among them). 

The rumored redesigned PS5 was also revealed to have a different model number, though it's a different number scheme based on the recent news from Australia. It's got a CFI-1015A model number, which obviously doesn't follow the CFI-11XX number scheme. 

Fans have also been hunting for hints regarding Sony PlayStation's plans to redesign their current-gen console. Only this time, the rumor involved a major hardware change that would've made the redesigned PS5 faster than its launch day version. 

The hardware change, which will allegedly come next year, will see the Sony PlayStation 5 get outfitted with a new semi-custom AMD APU on a smaller manufacturing node (6nm), which is technically cheaper to make. And for those of you who are unaware of how nodes work with electronics, a smaller node means the chip tends to be faster because the manufacturer can cram more circuitry in a smaller area. 

Industry leakers believed that this redesign can solve the Sony PlayStation 5's supply issues because the entire console itself will be cheaper to make. But of course, Sony hasn't commented yet on anything about this update either.  

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