"Horizon: Forbidden West" was just revealed in a little bit more detail with a gripping gameplay presentation during last month's Sony State of Play. It is considered one of the biggest revealed at the PS5 showcase, and it's easy to see why. 

If you're excited to see where Aloy's next chapter is going to take her, here are some things that we all know so far about the sequel to Guerilla Games' last-gen masterpiece of an RPG. 

'Horizon Forbidden West:' What Is It? 

As mentioned earlier, "Horizon Forbidden West" is the sequel to the award-winning RPG "Horizon: Zero Dawn" by Guerilla Games, developers of the equally well-known "Killzone" franchise. It stars a young huntress named Aloy in a distant future where mankind reverted to a nomadic tribal life and where Earth is ruled by a race of gigantic, animal-like machines. 

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The events of "Horizon Forbidden West" take place shortly after those of "Horizon Zero Dawn," when Aloy is trying to discover who sent the signal to activate an artificial intelligence whose sole purpose is to destroy all life on Earth, according to Android Central. This journey takes her to the West Coast of the United States in the 31st Century, in the ruins of what used to be San Francisco, California. 

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'Horizon Forbidden West' Release Date 

Guerilla Games and Sony have not given a specific release window for the game as of yet. According to GameRant, however, it is slated to release this year, likely during the Holiday season. 

An advertisement seemingly confirmed this for the PlayStation 5 on Instagram, where "Horizon Forbidden West" is said to still be on track for a late 2021 launch, as reported by VideoGamesChronicle. However, no one knows if the rumored redesigned PlayStation 5 console will come out in time for this game's launch. 

'Horizon Forbidden West' PS5 (and PS4) Exclusivity 

"Horizon Forbidden West" will launch first exclusively on the PlayStation 5, but it will also be available to the last-gen PlayStation 4 a little bit later down the line. It looks like Guerilla Games and Sony aren't ready to let go of the popular previous-generation console yet. 

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But since its predecessor has already been released on PC, will "Horizon Forbidden West" follow the same path? According to PlayStation Worldwide Studios head Herman Hulst, it's not likely as of the moment. The studio is currently committed to releasing games on proprietary hardware, further stating that "Zero Dawn" was just a "perfect fit" for the time being. 

Considering how PlayStation Studios now has a curator page on Steam, however, a PC release for "Forbidden West" is very likely. Just not soon. 

There's a 60 FPS Performance Mode on PS5

The PlayStation 5 is already a pretty powerful console in its own right, which is why "Forbidden West" will be featuring enhanced graphical fidelity and performance on the platform. A 60 FPS performance mode is going to be available on the PlayStation 5, according to Guerilla Games themselves via TechRadar

And if the rumors about a PlayStation 5 redesign are true, then there might not be many visual cutbacks required to achieve the desired 60 FPS frame rate. 

Almost No Loading Screens 

"Horizon Forbidden West" looks to leverage the power of next-gen consoles, and aside from enhanced visuals and performance, Guerilla Games also promises virtually no loading screens. This will be due to the super-fast SSD storage on the PS5, which will allow players to be in-game in mere seconds from the bootup screen. 

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