WhatsApp will soon have a version for the iPad and Android under the Multi-Device Beta which has been discovered via a leak in Twitter. This shows a better integration for the application across several apps, without the need to have special applications to transfer data from Android to iOS.

In recent updates of WhatsApp, it has allowed Samsung Galaxy Android smartphones to transfer the data to and from the iOS platform, without the need for third-party apps.

WhatsApp iPad App

WhatsApp has been rumored that it would soon have an application for the iPad, and it would move from being a smartphone-specific application to any internet-enabled app. It is different from the likes of Telegram, Signal Messenger, Viber, and others, which were known for its inclusivity of all its devices.

The instant messaging app is also known for its exclusivity on one application, and its data which cannot be transported from one device to another, before this upcoming update.

According to a leak by WA Beta Info via Twitter (@WABetaInfo), there is an upcoming update for WhatsApp that is being tried out by Facebook and soon to released for its users. It is called the Multi-Device Beta, and it brings a linked device feature that would help users have their data available on different devices.

This means that if you have a main account that has been verified with the smartphone authentication upon registering one's device, you can add another without needing to transfer SIM cards.

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WhatsApp Multi-Device Beta

The WhatsApp Multi-Device Beta is still under development, and its main focus or feature is only available for the iPad and iOS app. However, worry not like the Android's integration, along with its availability on Android tablets and smartphones to link its devices would come soon.

The move from WhatsApp came unprecedented, particularly because it is something that the company has missed out on or refused to offer in the past years since its initial release.

It has also been one of the problems that people had, especially as they look for a way to bring WhatsApp to their new devices and have its data transferred.

The number of users that have switched to an app that offers a similar service since its release has been a massive hit against WhatsApp and Facebook, especially as competitors thrived.

Is WhatsApp Reliable?

WhatsApp offers an end-to-end encryption service with its instant messaging application. The feature is already turned on by default and it would help people have their conversations safe from hacks or unwanted people looking into the messages.

However, its downside is that it allows Facebook to have stakes on its data, and that has been a massive concern against the instant messaging app since its arrival. Now, it has been easing up on app data and ad tracking which has been one of its cons for users.

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