Microsoft is planning to change its prices for the subscriptions of Microsoft Office 365 packages.

According to the Redmond giant, it would be the first update on its pricing since 2011 when it was released to the public.

Microsoft 365 Subscription Price to Increase

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From the latest report by AppleInsider on Tuesday, Aug. 24, the changes in the 365 software apply only to the subscriptions. The tech giant said that the increased pricing was reflected in the service that it has delivered to its customers during the past 10 years.

With regards to the changes in the pricing of Microsoft 365, the company said that its 365 E1 version will have an increase of 2% in its pricing. From $8 per month, the new standard price will be $10.

On the other hand, the Office 365 E3 will now be $23 monthly. From $20, the package will now obtain a $13 spike in its price.

Meanwhile, the most popular version, Office 365 E5, can now be purchased for $36 from its original price of $35.

Besides the above mentioned software that is affected by the price hike, the tech company also indicated that its Microsoft 365 bundles will see surges in pricing.

The Office applications, which feature multiple software for email, work, and more aspects would receive updates in less than seven months.

The Microsoft 365 Business Basic will now be priced at $6 per month from its former value of $5. The pricing for its Business Premium version will now sit at $22 from $20 per month. The Microsoft 365 E3's price will be updated to $36 from $32.

Microsoft Attributed Improvements For Microsoft 365

According to the official blog post of Microsoft written on Thursday, Aug. 19, the developments that are coming to Microsoft 365 will involve the following: AI and automation, security and compliance, and communication and collaboration.

In communication and collaboration, the company noted that Microsoft Teams is responsible for the creation of over 300 new features, which include raising a hand, Together mode, breakout rooms, live reactions, and more.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft 365 team also looks forward to safeguarding its users against cyber threats.

The firm is continuously developing new capabilities to secure user's files and documents, as well as other content.

Of course, the company is also pushing the power of AI in some of its projects. The innovations involving artificial intelligence have presented many uses to the people who want to focus on the cloud environment. 

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Microsoft 365 Users Should Be Aware of Data Breaches

As of May, Egress reported that the Microsoft 365 app has already suffered from data breaches that were deemed difficult to solve. 67% of its professionals indicated that the increasing email hacking schemes involve organizations that refrain from using the Microsoft Cloud platform.

Apparently, some experts said that the incidents were attributed to human error. Some users have reportedly shared confidential email details by mistake.

In February, Microsoft launched the rebranded Office Lens. The Office 365 app was now called Microsoft Lens. It will now be able to read your handwriting but make sure that it is legible enough to be interpreted. 

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