Heart failure is one of the leading causes of death around the world.

As per World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) account for 17.9 million deaths in 2019, which represent 32% of deaths worldwide.

To mitigate the growing cases of people suffering from CVDs, several healthcare startups have focused on the improvement of heart failure treatment. 

Here are the top 5 health tech firms that tackle heart failure.

Top 5 Health Tech Startups Which Have Expertise in Heart Failure

Top 5 HealthTech Startups That Are Experts in Heart Failure
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Here are the top 5 healthcare startups which specialize in the innovative treatment of heart failure.

The following list of the leading health tech firms that tackle heart failure is courtesy of Start Us Insights.

1. Restore Medical

This health tech startup is notable for its catheter-delivered implant.

Many hospitals have a hard time dealing with heart failure patients. This company has devised an effective innovation to combat congestive heart failure (CHF).

Through the utilization of catheter-delivered implants for the pulmonary artery pressure, patients can now have a breathing room against CHF, thanks to Restore Medical's technology.

When the technology is implanted into the patient, the readings of pressure can now be interpreted through the sensor in the device. Later, the results would be recorded in the patient's electronic health record or EHR. 

2. Metcela

Those people who have heart failure can resort to heart transplants if necessary. Unfortunately, this treatment appears to be unreliable since only a few donors allow their hearts to be donated.

For this reason, Metcela innovated cardiac cell therapy.

The process features transplanted immature progenitor cells that are responsible for the production of cardiac muscle cells and blood vessels.

The Japan-based health tech startup has been focused on bringing its best service to heart disease patients. Through the cell-based therapy, MTC001, the firm can replenish the patient's cells in the heart through the use of fibroblast cells.

This heart failure solution is deemed to be a patient-friendly procedure, from its price to its impact on the recipient.

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3. Oracle Health

The symptoms of heart failure can be detected through cardiac monitoring. 

There are times that the AECG (ambulatory electrocardiogram) monitoring would not be suitable since the hospital lacks devices for the method. In addition, the process is also affected by the behavior of the patient.

Oracle Health also uses ECG, but with the incorporation of machine learning. This US health tech startup is focused on bringing what's best for heart failure patients.

The device which the firm developed is battery-operated implant equipment that could be used for three years. Oracle Health has been one of the best candidates when it comes to handling heart failure problems.

What the startup created is an all-around innovation that is centered on detecting heart sounds, heart rhythms, cardiac pressure, and more.

4. ESN Cleer 

In the field of medical technology, little things are considered to be relevant given that they contribute big impacts to the patients. Nowadays, more portable devices are being introduced by healthcare companies for the treatment of diseases.

ESN Cleer, a health tech firm based in Australia has managed to craft a sensor inspired by nanotechnology. This health device is easy to use since it is hand-held.

The equipment acts like a stick that gathers saliva from a person. This will tell the patient if he/she has an existing disease.

The startup also features EHF-ESwab and EHF-Test Kit for accurate detection. 

5. Cardionyx

There are only a handful of devices that could manage to treat heart failure. Since heart transplant is flawed due to lack of donors, experts are thinking of devices that could quickly aid the patients to recover from cardiovascular diseases.

Cardionyx, another health tech startup that is headquartered in Israel has come up with the idea of a heart pump. The miniature smart pump can be used by patients who have heart failure complications.

The device can handle Class IV heart failure patients, or those who can't do physical activity without experiencing discomfort.

This solution highlighted a durable and cost-effective device that would lessen the risk of having blood clots and other heart damages.

There is also real-time feedback that patients can see, thanks to its algorithm. 

While a person has no heart failure symptoms, it's good to immediately stay fit before it happens. An hour of moderate exercise daily can lower the risk of acquiring heart problems by almost 50%.

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