T-Mobile has been awarded the "Fastest Carrier in the US Award" this 2021 with its 5G test showing tremendous performance, courtesy of PC Mag. However, its recent controversy of having its data breached and potentially endangering the information of its users and non-user is a significant problem for the company. 

The Bellevue-based telecommunications giant has faced one of the nastiest breaches for this year, affecting more than 100 million customers as it falls victim to a security issue. 

T-Mobile Wins Fastest Carrier in the US for 2021

T-Mobile 5G Magenta Max Plan Offers Unlimited Data With a Starting Place of $47
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T-Mobile introduces a new plan for its subscribers along with their 5G expansion for faster web browsing and the avoidance of throttling. The T-Mobile Magenta Max plan will roll out on Feb. 24 and replacing the existing Magenta Plus offering. The new offering will launch for a limited time with a starting price of $47.

In a report by PC Mag, they have tested all the top carriers in the United States which have been prominent this 2021, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. 

There have been four categories to which they are tested, and that is Download Speed, Upload Speed, Average Latency, and Network Availability. These network providers are known for their popularity across the country, with Statista saying that Verizon Wireless and AT&T being the top carriers last 2nd quarter of 2020. 

Nevertheless, T-Mobile has beaten these two giants, prevailing with its internet speeds and strength. The basis of this review was with the modern connection of 5G, something which has been a massive talk of the town for the past year. 

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T-Mobile 5G Speeds

Download Speed: 162.3 Average Mbps

Upload Speed: 28.1 Average Mbps

Average Latency: 28.2ms

Network Availability: 95 percent

In categories of Download Speed and Upload Speed, T-Mobile has won by a landslide, beating the two larger companies in terms of their connections. However, it trails behind AT&T and Verizon for its latency, having a difference of as much as 1 to 2ms less than T's 28.2.

While that is not that noticeable in gaming or streaming, numbers do have a way with people. 

Lastly, Network Availability puts T-Mobile as the most inferior of the two. 

Nevertheless, the overall network performance has been grabbed by T-Mobile, giving it the crown to PC Mag's review for the fastest carrier in the country. 

T-Mobile Data Breach

However, amidst the big win by T-Mobile, they are not yet out of the woods with regards to the latest data breach to which they fell, victim. The data breach has been said to target the company's resources, to which T has revealed that customer data was the target of the threat actors and its issues. 

Nevertheless, customers fear that their data might be stolen, particularly because this is an alarming problem for the network provider, especially as this is a significant hack. This was amidst T-Mobile's effort to install internet fiber connections to several cities, including New York City. 

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