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The Federal Communications Commission is planning to fine Robocall criminals a massive $5 million fine for their actions, particularly as the trolls did this amidst the 2020 elections. Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl would both see a lawsuit, criminal charges, and the said fine against them for disrupting the peace over several states. 

Robocalls have been a problem in the country, particularly as it has disturbed the lives of people that have been minding their daily businesses. It comes off as creepy and mostly from telemarketers and telecommunications companies, aiming to sell their services.

FCC: Robocall Fines

The FCC has been the agency to face the problems of Robocalls over the past years, and it has been apparent for a lot of people, especially as it was not controlled by network providers. Over the years, several governing bodies have turned their attention to robocalls, and one of them is the House of Representatives.

Last July, the FCC made sure that it would up its game against robocalls, which have not only disturbed the lives of the public but also threatened their safety and peace. The agency has made it a top priority to shut down the unnecessary calls made by anonymous people or the computer, for the good and peace of all.

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Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman to Face $5M Fine

The FCC has also revealed its decision to fine robocall criminals, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, with its recent release. Here the governing body said that it would charge these people $5,134,500 after making as much as 1,141 robocalls before the 2020 elections.

The trolls are known for their right-wing beliefs and have promoted that kind of thinking in their actions. The duo has used a pre-recorded phone call towards their victims, and have called them without prior consent or warnings. 

The agency regarded that this is the largest robocall fine in their history of prosecuting threat actors which promote robocalling and trolling people with their private lives. Not only is it a threat, but it also invades the privacy of the victim, by making them fear the call that has been made anonymously. 

Robocall Problems in the Country

Robocalls have been a massive problem in the country, and it has brought its concerns to massive tech companies like Google to give new apps or programs to protect against them. The public has been plagued by robocalls for a long time now, and even network providers were brought in to answer this problem.

While a significant amount of robocalls were stopped, each threat actor has gotten more clever with their tactics and ways to bypass security systems that were placed to block these calls. Moreover, robocalls have been highly linked to malware, which can steal data or implant a virus by just answering the call. 

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