Jeff Bezos' Rocket Toy Sells for $69.99 | Check Out the Shape
(Photo : Image from Estesrockets Website) Jeff Bezos' Rocket Toy Sells for $69.99 | Check Out the Shape

The recently famous Blue Origin rocket, or Jeff Bezos' rocket, has sparked quite the conversation. A ner Jeff Bezos' rocket toy sells for $69.99 but is slightly awkward in shape.

Jeff Bezos Blue Origin Rocket

According to the story by Mashable, the shape looks slightly awkward. Estes is a company that sells model rocket engines, accessories, kits, and more. Estes has a special new offering which is made to replicate the new Blue Origin rocket!

The new item is reportedly a replica of the new Blue Origin New Shepard rocket. The model looks very similar to the one that took Blue Origin's founder and the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, to space, according to Gizmodo.

New Shepard Rocket

This means that buyers can now purchase a small 1/66 size version of the somewhat awkwardly shaped rocket that launched a thousand memes to one's desk. The price of this particular rocket model is $69.99. Blue Origin's lead engineer quit the company to join SpaceX, switching from Jeff Bezos' to Elon Musk's side.

There is also another more luxurious package selling for $109.99. It will also include the New Shepard model rocket, a launch controller, a launchpad, a pack of Estes' very own C5-3 engine, and a pack of recovery wadding. With these particular accessories, users will be able to launch their little "phallic," as Mashable describes, rocket to quite an altitude of up to 400 feet or a little over 120 meters, and it will then deploy a small parachute in order for the model not to break itself on the way down.

Where to Pre-Order

Unfortunately, for those who would prefer the other spacefaring billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, who recently flew just a little lower and a little earlier than Jeff Bezos, the model isn't available yet on Estes' website. It is also not confirmed if the following model that Estes will sell of other popular rockets.

The new Blue Origin model rocket is currently available for buyers to pre-order. It will also be widely available this November 2021. In order to get your hands on this particularly slightly awkward Blue Origin New Shepard rocket, click here.

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Alan Shepard

The website mentions that in 1961, Alan Shepard became the very first American to ever go to space. Just a decade later, Alan Shepard finally walked on the moon. He carved the frontiers of space exploration for others to pave a path later on. Elon Musk has previously reacted to a meme of Jeff Bezos copying SpaceX's project Jarvis vertical landing.

It's reportedly with that legacy in mind that the New Shepard came to be. The company recently launched the very first crew of astronauts aboard the New Shepard rocket. The historic flight that reportedly brought Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk, and the auction winner Oliver Daemon will continue to push the frontiers of manned spaceflight for the upcoming years.


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