Apple Employees #AppleToo Start Sharing Toxic Workplace Stories Involving Alleged Discrimination, Retaliation, and More
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Apple Employees #AppleToo Start Sharing Toxic Workplace Stories Involving Alleged Discrimination, Retaliation, and More

Apple employees are now riding on the #AppleToo movement while by sharing their personal toxic workplace stories that allegedly involve discrimination, retaliation, and even harassment. #AppleToo has reportedly collected 500 of these stories.

Apple Workers #AppleToo

According to Engadget, a group of both current as well as former Apple workers have just recently banded together and called for other colleagues to all share stories of discrimination, harassment, and even retaliation that they have experienced within the company. On August 27, 2021, the group is reportedly known as #AppleToo and has reportedly collected 500 of these stories.

As of the moment, the group has reportedly started publishing them on its official Medium page. Cher Scarlett, a certain Apple security engineer as well as the face of the whole movement, wrote on Medium. Her statement on Medium noted that she will share five stories at a time due to the "emotional toll" in reading the stories being too heavy.

Apple Alleged Harassment Comes Out

Two of the first five were reportedly about harassment, according to the story by Engadget, one of which involved a male boss using his power and position over a female employee. The employee was then kicked out of an interview once the hiring team was able to find out who she was. Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly just got $355 million richer.

Another story involved a Black retail worker in the United Kingdom who reportedly tried to get their boss to be able to do something regarding racism and microaggressions in the workplace but had no avail. A certain female employee also talked about how she was reportedly targeted by a certain person within her team and how management reportedly did not do anything about it.

Employee Shares #AppleToo Story

The last one was about an employee that was assaulted in her store by a certain customer and did not get any support coming from the management. If the submissions are published, these are just five of the many others that can be read.

The #AppleToo movement also reportedly stated on Twitter that 75%, however, share common themes involving some form of discrimination. In a recent interview with Protocol, Scarlett noted that she feels "like the company needs to be held accountable" due to them not holding themselves accountable.

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#AppleToo Movement on Employee Matters

Scarlett also noted that people want to feel that they are heard and that they do not feel that way with Apple. She also noted that some employees that were working for the tech giant for decades noted that leadership used to listen to them but things have reportedly changed. Apple is also reportedly trying to help developers suffering during the pandemic providing aid for those earning $1 million and below.

When the news regarding the #AppleToo movement broke out, Apple addressed the concerns in a statement saying they take all concerns seriously and that they will thoroughly investigate the concerns. Apple noted that due to respect for the individuals' privacy, they will not discuss specific employee matters.

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