Apple to Establish a Fund to Help US Developers Suffering Pandemic Effects | Earn $1 or Less to Qualify
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Apple to Establish a Fund to Help US Developers Suffering Pandemic Effects | Earn $1 or Less to Qualify

Apple is now establishing a fund to help US developers that are suffering from the effects of COVID-19. In order to qualify, developers will have had to earn $1 million or less in order to qualify.

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According to News18, Apple is finally allowing App Store customers to make payments outside of Apple Pay. Apple has just announced that it will allow Apple iOS developers in order to tell their customers about different ways to make payments outside of the regular Apple App Store.

Apple has just made the announcement in its recent press release after years of controversy surrounding Apple's practices and treatment of developers on the App Store. Developers will finally be able to advertise the types of payments that they will be offering for subscriptions, in-app purchases, and even paid apps, along with other new initiatives.

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This move also comes as a part of the new proposed settlement with the developers, which still has to be approved by the court. This new change also reportedly comes in response to a new lawsuit that was brought in by small app developers. The Apple Store lawsuit has been quite a long battle and developers can now finally pay outside of the App Store.

The move is reportedly said to be the largest change yet that Apple has made in response to the accusations that the company uses monopolistic tactics on the App Store. In a statement, Apple notably stated that while developers will be able to share different payment information outside of the App Store.

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Apple to Release Statistics

It also reportedly stated that users must also consent to the communication and also have the right to opt-out. Apple has also expanded the different price options developers will be offering for all different kinds of subscriptions, in-app purchases, and also other paid apps from below 100 options to over 500 different options. Apple was also charged in France for slowing down their older iPhones.

Aside from just this, Apple has also launched a brand new fund to help with the assistance of qualifying US developers and said that it will publish another transparency report on the App Store. The new report would include statistics regarding the app review process. It will also reportedly include the number of apps that are rejected for different reasons as well as the number of apps that were removed from the App Store.

It is also important to note that while the company notes that developers will be able to advertise other payment options, it still does not say that these particular options can be offered within the app itself. Amid everything, Apple will still continue to take revenue cuts like before, with businesses that earn less than $1 million to have a reduction on the commission they are to pay.

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