The fastest Kingston USB-C has arrived to offer you the best hardware file storage experience. For the past few years, Kingston has offered the cheapest yet more advanced USB (Universal Serial Bus) products in the market.

Because of its durable hardware storage accessories, this giant tech firm's name is now iconic for many users, especially those that usually save a lot of files from their computer or laptop. 

Fastest Kingston USB-C DataTraveler Max Arrives! 1,000MB Read Speed, 900MB Write Speed, and MORE
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @gp_pulipaka)
Fastest Kingston USB-C DataTraveler Max Arrives! 1,000MB Read Speed, 900MB Write Speed, and MORE

But, as the PC industry rose, many developers appeared to compete against Kingston and its USB models. Now, Kingston Digital confirmed that its fastest hardware storage has arrived.

The new DataTraveler Max offers some impressive read and writes speeds to allow you to have a smoother and faster data transferring and storing experience.

To achieve this, the new USB device uses the so-called USB-C 3.2 Gen of the company, allowing it to have better features compared to its competitors.

Fastest Kingston USB DataTraveler Max

According to Slash Gear's latest report, the new Kingston DT Max would be efficient for those who are usually running out of laptop or computer memory.

Fastest Kingston USB-C DataTraveler Max Arrives! 1,000MB Read Speed, 900MB Write Speed, and MORE
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On the other hand, many consumers would be attracted to this new hardware since new personal computer and laptop models are now integrated USB-C ports.

However, DataTraveler Max still has some limitations since some desktops offer USB-A ports, an older version compared to the Type-C port.

"The unique ridged casing protects the connector when it is not in use and is easily moved in a single motion," said the tech creator via BetaNews.

In other news, computer builders could suffer from the rising price of RAM (Random-Access Memory). On the other hand, security experts are now working on a new unhackable computer processor called Morpheus CPU.

Exact Features of Kingston DT Max

The new Kingston USB-C is confirmed to reach 900MB/s write speed, as well as 1,000MB/s read speed. On the other hand, you can purchase this new storage in three variants: 1TB, 512Gb, 256GB versions. 

On the other hand, it also uses a plastic ridge casing to prevent overheating its chipset. It also has a connecter that extends and locks into place with a slide of a switch, which is located on its underside. 

It measures 82.17 x 22.00 x 9.02mm and has a 12g weight when it comes to dimension. 

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