"Roblox" is adding a voice chat feature in-game, and it would help gamers relay more of their commands, instructions, or converse with other gamers better. This would help in opening up communications more, instead of stopping one's action or control to open up the chatbox and tell other players what they need to do on the open-world sandbox. 

The game is known for its online game building feature, which highly focuses on interaction with other players, and incorporating real-life elements. It was known that at one point in the game, there was a craze over virtual Gucci bags, which cost more than their real-life counterpart. 

Roblox Voice Chat Feature

Roblox Metaverse adds Voice Chat
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Roblox Metaverse adds Voice Chat

"Roblox" has released a blog post, saying that the addition of the voice chat is to complement the ever-growing world of the game. Particularly because they are about to bring in the "metaverse" which would bring more of the gamers closer together, as they interact with the online offers of the game. 

Not only would the voice chat feature bring users in gaming or going through different elements of the title, but also promote building the 3D game and the worlds included here. For now, "Roblox" would have to work with other developers on the experience, and further test the integration of the voice chat to the platform. 

There are also several worlds where "Roblox" players would enjoy, particularly with the collaboration with Vans, and the skatepark which they have set up virtually in the platform. It is widely known that despite being treated as a game, "Roblox" is considered as a platform where people could come together and play with their said preferences. 

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Roblox Voice for the Metaverse

That being said, "Roblox" as a platform is expanding more than what it has been popular for, especially as the company is now aiming to debut the metaverse in the coming months. The voice chat feature is one of the first offers of the metaverse, and it would help in connecting players closer and more intact. 

The developers have also mentioned that the voice chatting experience would not be bound to a straight-up chat experience like in other games. It would achieve to immerse people more into the game, particularly as it would help in utilizing the "Spatial Audio" feature.

With Spatial Audio, users can feel and hear each other like they are, and if they are in a secluded place, they would hear what resembles the actual sounds there. 

Roblox Voice Safety?

"Roblox" has been faced with malware, which has plagued children that plays with the platform and victimized them for a long time now. This has been a problem shared with "Fortnite" where the young ones can be manipulated into clicking links or going to certain websites that would then proceed to hack their computers. 

With "Roblox's" transition to voice, the company should focus more on the safety of the players, particularly the underaged on the platform.

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