Roblox fans are going extreme when it comes to dressing up their avatar with skin. Players are now paying thousands of dollars for the virtual Gucci bags in the game. And they do not mind if it costs more than the actual purses!

Roblox sells all sorts of accessories and outfits in a marketplace dedicated to avatars. There are fancy outfits and out-of-this-world hairstyles available. And players will do everything to stand out from the crowd -- even flaunting a virtual Gucci purse. 

Roblox Fans Buy Virtual Gucci Bags For More Than the Same Price Actual Purses Have
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BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 10: David Baszucki, founder and CEO of Roblox, presents at the Roblox Developer Conference on August 10, 2019 in Burlingame, California.

These items are usually sold in an unlimited supply. The only exception is for products that are a result of a specific event. Most items are non-collectibles; users may buy them anytime they want -- there's no rush.

Roblox's Gucci Garden Experience 

The story is different when it comes to the Gucci Garden Experience. It is a special Roblox event. As such, the stocks of products sold are limited to a certain number, and scalpers are ready to sell it at a higher price. However, fans are willing to buy, PYMNTS reports. 

On May 17, The Verge reported that Gucci is hosting an Instagrammable garden space in the virtual realm of 'Roblox.' The said event will run only until May 31. 

The garden has two rooms with themes like "Tokyo tribe" and "urban romanticism." 

Furthermore, as avatars enter the virtual garden of Gucci, the avatars will be a plain mannequin with no skin. Without gender or age, Roblox said in the same report by The Verge. 

Therefore, if players want to stand out in the fancy Gucci garden, they need to buy the virtual products that the luxury brand is selling. And some of which are purses -- that look similar to the actual fashion line. 

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How Much Does The Virtual Gucci Bags Sell? 

One of the highlighted products is a Gucci shoulder purse sold at 475 Robux in dollars -- at the tune of $5.50. It was sold immediately, or one hour in exact, on May 17, Polygon reported. 

And it turns out, Roblox scalpers are behind the said purchase. Some listing of the purse even goes up to 1 million Robux, Polygon reported. In addition, a YouTube video revealed showed an actual transaction of a purse being sold at 350,000 Robux or a whopping $4,115. 

On average, Polygon reported that the virtual Gucci purse is sold at $1,578. Now, a Gucci chain bag, on the other hand, costs only around $1,350.

Roblox was supposed to be a gaming platform for children. It started raising its funding to improve the game in 2017. It even expands to virtual reality with Oculus Rift. 

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