The Dawn of Blockchain-Based eSports and Casual Game Wagering
(Photo : The Dawn of Blockchain-Based eSports and Casual Game Wagering)

The worlds of digital assets and gaming were destined to collide. Virtual currencies feel right at home in a video game, and the culture around multiplayer games and evolving monetization models have put virtual cryptocurrencies at the centre of the industry's approach to business.

Unlike other parts of the entertainment industry, celebrities in the gaming sphere are a lot more relatable, and this is constantly driving more users to try their hand at eSports tournaments. The already widespread appeal of multiplayer gaming makes entry barriers relatively low while also improving player accessibility and engagement.

The world of gaming is constantly evolving, with artists and creators from all walks of the industry making moves into the space. Last year, world-famous rapper Travis Scott conducted an online concert through Fortnite, a popular multiplayer third-person shooter game, garnering over 27 million views.

From casual mobile gaming to live tournaments and events to live-streaming competitive multiplayer games, playing video games for a living is all about skill. The ability to instantly adapt and master advanced levels of play is essential to becoming a gaming god, but eSports isn't just limited to the hardcore gamers. Besides aficionados and enthusiasts, eSports also offers tremendous career prospects for developers, game designers, animators, graphic designers, and more.

Over the last couple of years, the ongoing pandemic has caused untold disruption to the world of traditional sporting events, forcing industry-wide changes to the way they function. However, for the global eSports industry, the pandemic has been an unexpected catalyst, and with lockdowns and social distancing measures pushing people indoors, video games have stepped in to fill the void.

eSports and Digital Assets - A New Frontier

With millions of dollars in prizes, eSports tournaments involve boatloads of money, but little is spoken about the wagering sub-industry that exists beneath the surface. Traditional wagering has been around for centuries, and betting on eSports is no new concept either, but just as the Internet shook the gaming industry's foundations, blockchain is about to change how gamers make money.

Blockchain technology has already helped the modern sports wagering market considerably. With digital assets becoming more mainstream by the minute, the two thriving industries of blockchain and gaming could collectively shape the future of the entertainment industry.

For starters, blockchain affords faster transactions, and lower fees. Markets for both casual gaming, eSports, and wagering exist independently and are growing rapidly, but by serving up a dish they can both appreciate, OkLetsPlay aims to establish itself as a frontrunner in this developing space.

OkLetsPlay - Changing the Game

OkLetsPlay's goal is to make online events better. Ten years ago, the concept of spending on and earning money from video games was utterly alien, and the technological advancements in the fields of digital assets and networking systems have disrupted the status quo of multiplayer video game monetization.

OkLetsPlay is a real money eSports tournament platform for the next generation of gamers and gaming. Dedicated to both competitive and casual games, OkLetsPlay offers cross-platform support for PC, mobile, and even consoles, intending to enable its community to win rewards for playing their favourite games.From casual mobile and browser games to AAA eSports game titles, any type of game, match or tournament can be wagered on with the OkLetsPlay platform.

As the brainchild of CEO Russell Aleksey and Mark Grado Jr., product designer and creative consultant to startups and Fortune 500 companies, OkLetsPlay focuses on the cash gaming space and is keen on engaging with its burgeoning community of ardent players and developers.

OKLetsPlay enables players to participate in online games, matches, and tournaments and win rewards from them, offering a flexible platform for players to compete with anyone in the world. OkLetsPlay believes in automating the entire process so that players can focus on the challenge. By prioritizing automatic match reporting, as opposed to the traditional approach of self-reporting match results, the platform also minimizes disputes and reduces mistrust between players.

It also guarantees a precise, fair, and efficient resolution at the end of every game, dealing out instant winnings. Winners can collect their rewards through various means, including the in-game coin, direct bank transfers, online wallets, gift cards, and more. Further, by providing information about competing players, such as their rank, skill level, and win/loss ratios, players can gain deeper insight into their standings and learn how to improve.

Breaking Barriers

Financially backed by the Intel-Overwolf Fund, Knighted Ventures and a group of Angel investors, OkLetsPlay offers an open, borderless world for players to join forces and exchange value freely across the globe, unconstrained by gatekeepers and intermediaries. So far, OkLetsPlay's beta has pulled in more than 9,000 global users, hosting over 4,000 games and 200 tournaments.

The team has a clear vision of the industry's future, where players, developers, content creators, and brands are encouraged to make entertainment more entertaining. With a core dedication to transparency, user-friendliness, and security, OkLetsPlay is setting the stage for integration between future blockchain and gaming projects, creating communities that help both industries grow in the long term. 

The OkLetsPlay platform has supported eSports tournaments for some of the most popular competitive eSports titles in the world such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends as well as a plethora of casual indie mobile and browser games. Currently, OkLetsPlay is minting its token on the Polygon (previously Matic) side-chain, opening the door to a vast blockchain gaming community with full support for NTfs.

As its passionate community of players and builders continues to grow, the gaming industry could be gearing up to make virtual competitions more mainstream.

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