Commit, the leading global tech services company specializing on custom software and IoT solutions, has announced its expansion through the acquisition of ITSoft.

ITSoft is an Israeli-founded tech company that provides software development services to clients from different parts of the world. With the new acquisition, Commit is expected to receive significant reinforcement as it establishes its global presence, welcoming more than 150 software development experts to the Commit international roster of tech development specialists. The new acquisition was estimated to be around $3 million.

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About ITSoft

Originally established in 2013, ITSoft has distinguished itself as an offshore software development services provider catering to some of the world's largest tech firms and innovative startups. The company has developed a unique recruitment model that allows the creation of technological teams in remarkably short periods of time, which in turn significantly reduces the time and cost for project development. ITSoft caters to a variety of fields such as BackEnd, DevOps, FrontEnd, QA Automation, and more. Its portfolio of customers include Cibus Sodexo, TytoCare, Jfrog, Radwin, and Microsoft.

"Our business has grown more than 50% in recent months, causing us to expand and seek new expert partners that are fully accountable, have wide experience in managing talents and technology, and value the models of efficiency that we employ," says Commit Chairman and President Arik Faingold. He adds that the new acquisition of ITSoft strengthens Commit's ability to provide its unique team-building mode where it can build professionally qualified teams for their customers in as fast as two weeks and allowing customers to try a team first before paying for it.

"We have seen dramatically increasing demand for our team building model, and ITSoft is a key ingredient in our ability to successfully deliver it to our customers," Faingold adds, explaining that this is why ITSoft makes a perfect addition to the Commit family - delivering the "end-to-end quality solutions, cost efficiency and flexibility" that its customers have come to known and expect.

About Commit

Founded in 2005, Commit has been providing comprehensive assistance and solutions to entrepreneurs and start-ups of all sizes. Commit develops innovative technological solutions and provides end-to-end development services through its custom software and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for customers looking for the launch of a new product or building a new project. The company specializes in developing technologies and solutions with dedicated methodologies in the fields of SaaS, IoT, Cloud, Data, Cyber, ICT, and more.

Since it was established, Commit has led almost 1,200 computing projects for more than a thousand organizations around the world. It is a proud partner for global companies such as Unitronics, Watergen, Maytronics, Sapiens, and other clients in the military and security industries, finance, and more. Commit has offices across New York, Europe, and Israel, driven by a workforce of 550 multidisciplinary experts.

"Our unique recruitment and retention model allows our customers to shorten recruitment times, recruit motivated quality professionals, save costs and establish technological teams in various models, including a hybrid model with Israeli management," said ITSoft Founder and CEO Evgeny Golubov. He expressed optimism in teaming up with Commit to create a hybrid model that combines Israeli and overseas teams.

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