Mental health is a sensitive issue that we often hear,especially during the start of the pandemic. For the past months, people have been enduring different battles in their minds and other matters.

As per the data dated August 2020 to February 2021 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a 41.4% increase was recorded among adults who have early signs of depressive disorder.

Elsewhere, the escalating percentage of those who have not yet received mental health care reached 11.7% from 9.2%.

For this part, we will be discussing some of the AI startups which focus on giving the best mental health solutions for the people.

AI Mental Health Care Startups to Follow in 2021

AI Startups to Follow For Mental Health Care
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For those who are struggling mentally, here are the best AI startups that will take care of your mental health issues online.


For someone who is undergoing severe mental distress during these times, PYCHeANALYTICS could be a reliable system that will offer you ample care.

Before you proceed with meeting a psychologist in person, it's better if you will consult first your experience with this startup. The team behind this solution will offer good health care treatment for a reasonable price.

Starting from behavioral assessment, the experts will identify your underlying symptoms. Later, they will find potential partners for your continuous treatment.

ROSE Health

This solution-driven AI startup is not only focused on seeking treatment for patients' mental health problems. Through its application called Rose App, patients can establish communication with the experts towards a good quality of care.

There are also machine learning algorithms that can contribute to the patient's overall treatment. Upon the assessment completion, patients can now track important body-related components including mood, sleep, anxiety.

Its dashboard is solely focused on giving what's best to mental health patients through high-quality service.


In the meantime, employees need to take a break from the extreme pressure from their workplace. This is where AQai steps up to help struggling employees with their mental health issues.

This startup helps people collaborate with experts to effectively use health tools. Assessments made by this firm are proven to be life-changing and effective since it provides specific grades of comparison.

For instance, the assessment offers 15 areas that tackle different mindsets: from "grit" to "mental flexibility." AQai helps organizations cope up with several changes that impact the labor force.

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Cloud 9

Feeling stress physically and mentally? Cloud 9 might have the best mental health service offers for you. This company offers a telehealth solution for those who need help with their mental health problems. 

Cloud 9 features a special network called Patient-Centric Mesh Network which establishes communication among experts and patients. This shows substantial data that will be addressed to the patient.


Sometimes, even a small amount of stress can have a big impact on a person's daily life. That's why discussing its potential causes and how it originates is very important.

Eco-Fusion is the last startup on our list that makes use of unique AI applications for mental health care. It has a Serenita app that centers on reducing the patient's stress level.

Serenita has an advanced camera that acts as a bio-detector of the breathing and stress level of a person. It also helps in finding the physiological factors for the patient's disease.

At the time of writing, Eco-Fusion has a digital therapeutics platform for chronic diseases named "NewMe," Health Transformer reported.

Since the digital age has invaded even the health sectors, AI has a big role in the treatment of mental health diseases. Online psychotherapy is a big leap to technological advancement replacing the traditional approach of counseling.

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