A new aurora timelapse video goes viral as it shows the stunning view that the International Space Station sees as it orbits the Earth. The footage was shared by Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut currently stationed in the ISS.

New Aurora Lights Timelapse Video of ISS Goes Viral—Showing Stages of Giant Space Station's Travel Across Earth
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The Aurora Borealis is seen above the ruins of Duffus Castle on February 20, 2021 in Duffus, Scotland. The Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights, occurs when solar winds drive charged particles from the sun which strike atoms and molecules in Earths atmosphere causing the light show.

"Clouds compete for attention in this aurora timelapse over a blue ocean," said the Pesquet via his official Instagram account.

As of the moment, the timelapse video of aurora borealis already generated more than 120,674 views and 34,000 likes.

Many IG users in the comment section said that they were amazed at how beautiful aurora borealis looks in outer space. If you don't know what aurora borealis is, it displays a natural-colored light, which usually appears in yellow, green, red, or white.

It happens when the electrically charged particles from the sun make contact with the gases in the Earth's atmosphere. These include nitrogen and oxygen. Once this happens, it would create a chemical reaction that would lead to the spectacular natural light show.

New Aurora Timelapse Video Amazes Many Space Fans

According to Republic World's latest report, many fans in the viral video's comment section were amazed at the stunning aurora borealis view that the ISS captured in the Earth's atmosphere. Some of them even described the footage as "supercalifragilistic."

New Aurora Lights Timelapse Video of ISS Goes Viral—Showing Stages of Giant Space Station's Travel Across Earth

(Photo : Photo credit should read OLIVIER MORIN/AFP via Getty Images)
Northern lights ( aurora borealis ) illuminated the sky over the snow covered beach of Unstad, on Lofoten Island, Arctic Circle, on March 10, 2016. Surfers from all over the world come to Lofoten island to surf in extrem conditions. Ocean temperature is 5-6 °C, air temperature around 0°C in spite of a weather very unstable. / AFP / OLIVIER MORIN

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Some of them also thought that the video of the French astronaut was a 3D render of the popular northern lights. Meanwhile, various individuals thanked Pesquet for sharing the video on Instagram since it allowed them to see the view in the ISS when it is orbiting the Earth.

In the first part of the video, you will have a view of the dancing lights. After a few seconds, the ISS traveled in the dark side of the Earth, which shows a thin yellow layer of atmosphere covering the planet before having a glimpse of the sun's bright light.

On the other hand, Hubble Space Telescope was also able to capture a photo of a globular cluster. On the other hand, space researchers generated a universe simulation, which contains more than 2.1 trillion particles.

Other Viral Space Videos 

First Post reported that the latest aurora borealis timelapse footage attracted the attention of many stargazers and astronomers. 

However, it is not the only space video that went viral. The other one was captured by NASA, which shows the interaction of two massive galaxies. The viral footage also revealed that their contact with one another distorts their mutual gravitational pull. 

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