Huawei fans have been clouded by many rumors about the upcoming launch of the Huawei Mate 50 series.

This time, we now have the answer about its release after an industry insider revealed some information about the flagship.

Previously, Huawei only offered the P50 lineup of smartphones. However, many believed that this is not the only batch that the Chinese phone maker will introduce this year.

Due to many problems in the market, several delays happened to the upcoming flagship.

Analyst Hints On Huawei Mate 5
Huawei Mate 50 Flagship Series is Reportedly Coming in October, Says Analyst
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A tech insider claimed that Huawei Mate 50 will be released in October.

Currently, the strongest hint that we should know about Huawei Mate 50 is its upcoming release that could possibly happen next month.

As per GizmoChina's report on Sunday, Sept.19, one of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSSC) industry insiders claimed that the new Chinese smartphones will push through October. 

This means that the Q4 2021 launch of Mate 50 is just one month away from taking place. 

Huawei Global Launch Event 

In line with the claim of the DSSC expert about the Huawei Mate 50's launch, there will be a special launch event of the company on Oct.21. It will take place at 3 PM in Vienna, Austria in the following weeks.

At the moment, we have not yet heard any announcement about the particular Huawei product that would be introduced on the big occasion. The closest thing that we could think about this is the imminent arrival of the P50 series in many countries around the globe.

Last week, Huawei flashed a teaser that could hint at P50 Pro's debut to the market.

However, it raised many questions if that is the exact model that will come soon.

In a report by GSM Arena, the camera bump of the unknown smartphone was carefully inspected, and it turned out that it was not the Huawei P50 series. 

A thorough inspection revealed that the bump is situated above the volume rocker. This usual feature cannot be found in the P50 series.

This gave some answers that Huawei Mate 50 is now on its way.

If the news about Huawei Mate 50's launch is true, the potential problem that we could see would be its availability. Amid supply chain issues, we could anticipate that it would only come in limited numbers.

For now, it's better to wait until Oct.21 to see the final revelation about the Mate series. The latest teaser might be a good sign of its debut: from its camera to its design.

We speculate that the Huawei Mate 50 series will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip that is "slightly" similar with Vanilla P50's chipset.

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Huawei Mate 50 Could Have the First 3nm Processor

In January, the Kirin 9020 processor was believed to appear in 2022 together with the Mate 50 series. This was a breakthrough for Huawei when it came to the production of a 3nm chip.

Meanwhile, a report in May suggested that the Huawei P50 has a chance to drop in May or June. It was rumored to have a 24-core Mali G78 GPU.

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