Netflix Could Win Most Emmys Ever! Streaming Service Already has 34 Wins This Emmys 2021
(Photo : Image from Netflix Could Win Most Emmys Ever! Streaming Service Already has 34 Wins This Emmys 2021

Netflix has reportedly had 34 Emmys this 2021 alone, coming from the creative Arts award that just happened, and Sunday's primetime ceremony could most likely net Netflix enough to top HBO for once! Could the streaming service beat HBO this Emmys 2021?

Emmy Nominations for HBO and Netflix

Both HBO and Netflix have reportedly battled each other for the primacy in Emmy nominations over the course of the last five years. The two of them have been trading the title as the most nominated network, studio, or even streaming service all the way since 2017.

Netflix, however, has never really ended the night of the primetime Emmy Awards by bagging the most wins. The closest Netflix ever came was in 2018 when the streaming service reportedly tied with HBO when it came to the total number of statues won. Aside from just movies and series, Netflix is also eyeing the gaming industry as well.

HBO Emmys 2021

According to CNet, this is set to change this Emmys. The two reportedly entered the Emmy season with HBO reportedly leading Netflix nominations but only barely. This 2021, HBO combined the nomination counts for its traditional reported network along with that of the popular streaming service HBO Max.

This reportedly generated 130 nods to HBO, which was just one more compared to Netflix. Before the Primetime Emmys ceremony started, however, Netflix was already on track to end the night, bagging the most wins. This is reportedly thanks to a haul of statues that the streaming service got from Creative Arts Emmys atop its nominations that were still outstanding.

Netflix Emmy Awards 2021

Earlier ceremonies, which reportedly award artistic as well as technical achievement in television, reportedly generated a whopping 34 awards to Netflix. HBO had only been able to secure 10. Disney Plus, which reportedly won its first Emmy awards in 2020, arrived with more Creative Arts Emmys to its name compared to HBO, with 13.

Reigning with the most Emmy-awarded network or service does not really unlock any particular prize aside from the bragging rights. With the comparison still continuing to intensify between media companies, however, dominating the Emmy awards can reportedly be important for marketing one service as the actual go-place for the best decorated programming ever. 

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Battle of the Streaming Services

Services just like Netflix and WarnerMedia's HBO Max, as well as services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Apple TV Plus as well, are all vying for viewer's subscriptions. Commanding the most Emmy wins is also reportedly very alluring to top Hollywood talent as well! Should Netflix win the most awards this Emmys 2021, viewers might be expecting more and more award-winning movies and series in the future.

An article by Forbes notes that Netflix's The Crown, as well as Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso, were regarded as heavily favored to sweep the drama and comedy categories. Netflix could even partner up with Sony to enter the video game space as a move that could expand the streaming service's reach.

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