SundaeSwap on Cardano Ecosystem Gets Investment from Double Peak Group | What Could This Mean for $ADA
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) SundaeSwap on Cardano Ecosystem Gets Investment from Double Peak Group | What Could This Mean for $ADA

SundaeSwap is expected to act sort of like the PancakeSwap of the Cardano ecosystem! While the project is something that $ADA holders are looking forward to, what about big investment groups?

SundaeSwap on the Cardano Ecosystem

On a Twitter page, Galen Law-Kun shared their thesis on SundaeSwap as well as the whole Cardano ecosystem. This involved Double Peak Group, which is a family office that is reportedly focused on investments in the whole digital asset as well as blockchain space, according to the Twitter profile.

According to the Twitter thread, SundaeSwap reportedly marks the very first investment made by Double Peak Group into the whole Cardano Ecosystem. They are also reportedly joining other massive investors in the crypto space.

Double Peak Group Top Investors

Double Peak Group will reportedly be joining Alameda Research,, and even Darrenlautf, all raising $1.3 million in seed funding. Galen shared how they were introduced to SundaeSwap and it was actually through a mutual introduction made by Nico Arqueros, the CEO of

Galen reportedly decided it was a good idea to meet the team that is behind SundaeSwap and proceeds to learn more about what they are actually up to in the whole Cardano-verse. Galen noted that personally, it was important for them to keep an open mind as well as not be in an echo chamber.

Thoughts on the Cardano Ecosystem

As of the moment, no L1s are really perfect, with most of them experiencing growth pains as of the moment. Without any experience in the Cardano Ecosystem, Galen then thanked Nico Arqueros as well as DavidMRoeBuck for spending time along with them while going through the whole market landscape and even highlighting areas for them to watch out for within the whole Cardano community.

As of the moment, Galen noted that it is now within the early days and that Cardano actually has a very strong as well as an active community and reportedly thinks that there will also be some really interesting projects expected to come out in the following months. It was noted that overall, as Double Peak Group's initial investment into the whole Cardano Ecosystem, they noted that they cannot wait to see what SundaeSwap will be able to achieve in the next few months as it finally launches.

Learn more about Double Peak Group on their official website. Double Peak notes that they have actually invested in a number of different areas like Cross-Chain Platforms, Asset Management, Banking & Payments, CeFi-DeFi Bridges, Investment Funds, Privacy/Security, Infrastructure Protocols, Gaming/NFTs, Trading and Exchanges, and The Metaverse.

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